When someone we culturally identify with commits a reprehensible act we fish for extenuating circumstances to separate their cultural identity from the act, but when someone we do not culturally identify with commits a reprehensible act we say it speaks to the inherent nature of their cultural identity. You don’t have to be a knife-wielding neurosurgeon to figure out why we do this. It’s just good-ol’-fashioned narcissism. It’s not about protecting our cultural peers, it’s all about protecting our fragile egos. We’re trying to create a distance between ourselves and negative associations via eye-for-an-eye attacks on the cultural character of those doing the negative associating. We seem to be ma—

You know what? I really gotta give this shit a rest. I’ve made this point eighty-seven times already. I’ve even bitched about how I’ve made this point eighty-seven times eighty-seven times already. Let’s go ahead and hang this one up. Time to move on.

Biases suck. I don’t care how justified they SEEM. My own biases have stopped me from even CONSIDERING certain perspectives. The worst is when I WANT to reject a perspective before I even dig into it based on what I ASSUME the person is ALL about or if some petty (usually superficial) ‘thing’ about them rubs me the wrong way. I become hyper-critical, no-benefits-all-doubts before I even read one word, watch one frame or hear one note. And when I finally do jump in I’ll pick apart things I would normally let slide or not even NOTICE if the work were by someone I was predisposed to liking. This is that…

“Damn, that was a good-ass point. Actually, wait, WHO said it? HIM?! I take that back. Dumb-ass point.”


My Brand

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I know I high-horse about ‘mainstream media mystification‘ all the time on here, but I get why we do this, I’m not immune myself. I’m well aware of the fact that the media is basically the PR team for my superficial ‘type’: Brown-Skinned Male of a Multi-Cultural Democratic Nation. (To parse that down to a popular brand: Black American Guy™) They are responsible for a reputation that precedes me around the globe. This brand is informing peoples of far flung lands about ‘what to expect’ from me WELL before I even set foot on them. That means they probably think I can’t get enough of big asses, sex-dancing to songs about sex-dancing, slam dunking and non homemade sweet potato pies. I SHOULD have an interest in this! A VESTED interest! Instead I’m cold-shouldering it in favor of championing other streams. The latter is all well-an’-good, but maybe I need to train some of my attention on reforming the big-timers… Or just hope that there are people around the world who are not concerned with living up to and avoiding their brand’s ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ expectations. People just naturally averse to ‘branded’ culture. Those I-go-wherever-my-fancy-flies types. Those Free Spirits™, those— Hey, what the fuck was that all about?!

AB Negative

AB Negative

The inconsistency in our approaches to hot-topic social issues may be attributable to our fluctuating self-serving rationales. Here are some prime (recent) examples of this narcissistic dissonance in action…

    “You can’t judge all cops based on the actions of a few. Most cops are good.”

    “I’m so sick and tired of hearing about how Islam is a religion of peace. They’re all blood-thirsty savages and we need to carpet-bomb their counties and convert them all to Christianity.”

    “These people need to stop talking about ‘all lives matter.’ We ain’t on that right now. We talkin’ about BLACK lives! Would you interrupt a breast cancer awareness rally to talk about prostate cancer?!”

    “Everybody weepin’ for Paris, but what about Kenya, Beirut?! Y’all weren’t crying for them! Y’all weren’t praying for them!”

Typically, when A and B are made aware of their ‘dichotomy of principle’ they blame each other: “Well, he/she does it too!” or “Well he/she did it first!” All this does is further expose the deep-seated narcissism driving their perspective. And to be real, most of the time they don’t give two fucks about the ‘issues’ (even the ones their hearts supposedly bleed for), they’re actually more interested in each another (shit’s kinda romantic); they are magnetically drawn to each other, they can’t get enough of each other. The ‘issues’ are just fodder for their schoolyard, tit-for-tat, nana-nana-boo-boo bullshit. What’s funny is how much they TRULY believe they are diametrically opposed to one another. Yes, they may have different opinions, but the machinations behind those opinions are exactly the same…just like the A and B in this picture.

Whenever something happens that attracts the attention of people all over the world; thanks in large part to its exposure in popular forms of media—both ones we curate1 (social media) and ones we merely patronize (corporate media)—we play the ‘reaction game.’ The first reactions are usually kneejerk (ignorant to the facts we make assumptions dictated by our emotions which are usually driven by whether or not we superficially identify with the people affected), then come the kneejerk reactions to the kneejerk reactions and then more kneejerk reactions to those kneejerk reactions and so on and so forth until the clusterfuck of reaction becomes its own ‘thing.’
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Cultivating narratives to explain why a person doesn’t like you (“They’re hatin’/jealous.”) or the job you interviewed for didn’t call you back (“It’s ’cause I’m a member of a marginalized group.”) or why someone left you (“I’m too real/strong for them.”) is fucking exhausting, distracting and tantamount to creating a self-serving, personal religion that requires a whole lotta ego-driven ‘faith’ to maintain.

As Dane


You ever leave a really good comment on someone’s post and they just ignore it? I mean like they will leapfrog over your shit and reply to some other shit that’s nowhere near as good as your shit. Like their post will be…

‘A man should have no say in what happens to a woman’s body.’

And you’ll say something like…

‘Yes, you are one-hundred percent correct. Men need to stay out of women’s vaginas…unless they’re having consensual sex with their vaginas.’

And you’ll feel really good after you leave it. Really confident. You’ll even close your laptop. Cross your arms thinking, ‘There’s no more that needs to be said.’ Like you just know you’re gonna get a ‘like’ and an approving follow-up. That’s why you don’t even bother checking right away. You leave the house, go run some errands. Tell strangers you meet about the profound comment you left.
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