I think when you’re eating well, having good sex and surrounded by people you love and love you the level of @#$%s you give decreases substantially. What’s interesting is that we have yet to collectively agree on HOW we should do this. What’s ALSO interesting is that those LIVING this don’t give’a damn about what we collectively agree on.


By being disembodied proclamations memes are able to assert an authoritative voice, one that is not obfuscated by the presence of an author. An author comes with a name, a face and the ability to be scrutinized which mitigates the impact. And it’s all about the impact, the punch in the gut. That’s why they’re seldom fact-checked. They usually corroborate the poster’s agenda; lacking confidence in his/her own voice, they lean on the disembodied authority of the meme.

The nature (“You fear the same things I fear!!!”) and blistering speed in which information proliferates through social networks has me wondering if such a thing has occurred—albeit much slower at times due to the fact that we had to physically move about the globe to spread our ‘memes’—throughout our entire history of records. That means everything from religious texts to historical accounts may be as ‘accurate’ as a meme declaring Obama the Antichrist.

I wanna be down…

Social media is like crack to serial panderers. And the more your pandering is co-signed the worse your addiction gets…

    “Oh shit, I got 100 likes when I called so-and-so a reverse-racist, fat-shaming sociopath. I guess I know what my next 47 posts are gonna be about.”

Whole ‘movements’ have been born out of such pander continuums. Sometimes these movements originate within small minorities of genuinely concerned folks, but then the serial panderers get wind and do what they do best and then others pander to the panderers and before you know it a clusterfuck of pandering breaks out and the ‘genuine originals’ get buried under all the bullshit.

Some of us align ourselves with certain movements in order to win kudos, approval, acceptance. And you know what: What’s really WRONG with that? Yes, it may be disingenuous, but we do it for genuinely ‘primal’ reasons. We want to belong. Be a part of something.


One side wants someone who will ALLOW them to lead, the other wants someone who will ALLOW them to lead themselves; neither side represents what the other wants, yet they are magnetically drawn to each other like two incessantly feuding children who you futilely try to separate in different rooms.

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There’s something that happens, maybe a quarter of the way into Tig Notaro’s HBO special that made me feel a little uncomfortable (won’t spoil it, you can hit on-demand and see for yourself), but as she grooved into her set I totally forgot about it. Tig is a GENIUS of the casually paced, understated, curveball delivery style. A style that doesn’t SEEM superficially ‘bold,’ but after she made the ‘bold’ expression that caused my initial discomfort her mastery of this style ‘boldly’ ‘normalized’ the ‘sensation’ created by the act. Brilliant stuff.

Broken record shit…


This country isn’t divided. It only SEEMS that way. No matter how much shit we talk about each other we NEED each other. We’re too invested in our relative identities to ‘break up.’ We DEFINE ourselves based on how DIFFERENT we are to one another. Don’t believe me? Just peep what we’re always prattlin’ on about. Most of our commentary revolves around our so-called ‘enemies’ and how much MORE or LESS ‘this’ or ‘that’ they are in COMPARISON to us. We are DEEPLY lost in reactionary, spite-based identities; just walking, talking manifestations of literal negativity: We only know what WE ARE because we know what WE’RE NOT.

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