The Wool Over Our Eyes!


Relativity is one bad mother…SHUT YO’ MOUTH!!! But I’m only talkin’ ‘bout relativity. Okay, we can dig it. All right, where was I? Oh yeah, that tricky sonofabitch relativity. This slick cat shows us the magic trick, then shows us the secret and then performs the same trick again and guess what? We fall for it just like we’re seeing it for the first time. How does he do this? Continue reading to find out.

Do you have kids? If so, do they look like you? Maybe they are perfect hybrids of the two parents. Perhaps Little Susie has her father’s eyes and her mother’s nose, or maybe she is as stubborn as her father and as meticulous as her mother. Truth is, it’s all a deception. It’s that Tricky Relativity again. In actuality you, your kids and everyone else possess features and traits of an infinitesimal origin. Just think, you are a mashup of your mother and father and every other “blood” relative you’ve ever had going all the way back to the Primordial Soup.

Not jiving?

No problem. Let’s look at MySpace. Load up your profile (if you don’t have one, just pick some random hottie); now click on one of your friends. On their page they will have you listed as well as many other people you may either know or not know. Now let’s visit one of their pages. From that page let’s click on another and another and another until we are completely lost. Now look at where we are. We clicked on all of these people to get to this one person and theoretically we can click either “back” or forward to find you again. This is the infinitesimal origin.

Still not getting it?

Okay, last one. Look at our moon


She looks a little dull, doesn’t she? Well, looks can be deceiving. Take a closer look.


See all of those impact craters. Well, those surround her entire body. They are the result of a constant onslaught of asteroids and comets pounding into her. Now throw on your relativity decoder glasses (you can buy a pair here) and look at the moon. If you could see this barrage in “real time” or say one million years in twenty seconds, the moon would seem to glow brighter than the sun. Now take the glasses off and the poor ol’ girl just seems to sit there. Every night we take her for granted, most of us not even sparing a glance in her direction. That’s relativity doing its job very well. It has to deceive us in order to exist. Look at the universe as an engine, relativity would be the fuel that powers it. If it wasn’t for its deceptive nature our world would look like what you see below. HINT: play all the videos simultaneously!



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