5 Years Forward, 5 Years Back


Instead of living only in the present, imagine that on two weekends out of the month you lived as yourself five years into the future. I bet on those 26 or so other days you would do way more thinking before making certain decisions based on your experience during your “Future Weekends.” As a result of your newfound drive you may see your future change each time you visit. Now let’s throw another kink in there. Imagine that on the other two weekends of the month you lived as yourself five years in the past!

In your past you will be able to make decisions that will affect your present! Since you spend more time in your present you will probably throw caution to the wind when making decisions in your past. Whereas in your present you would be reluctant to take a high risk-high reward opportunity, in the past you will jump on board knowing that you will not have to endure all of the hard work to follow. You will merely reap the rewards in your present. In actuality you will be working quite hard because although you do not have to do much work to experience the fruits of your past, you will have to work hard to maintain the success into the future. Any slip up in the present may throw off the entire thing. Imagine if your future looks dim, while your present and past are kicking ass. The gloom you experience in the future will influence your actions in both your present and your past because you must meet your eventual fate and that is the process to get there!

Okay. Let’s cool out for a bit.

Better? All right, let’s move on. So now that we get the whole past, present, future Twilight Zone-like episode bit I detailed above let me go ahead and breakdown the real titillating bit. Here it is—we already play this game. We are freakin’ time travelers guys. Get this: every decision you make right now affects your future and your present is the result of all the decisions you made in your past. Of course my scenario allowed you to “go back” to change things or “go forward” to see the results. In so-called “real-life” we cannot do that. We only live in the right now. Right? No. Not right. There is no such thing as “right now” because “right now” just passed. We are in the “future” of “right now” right now. Actually. No. The “future” of right now” is now the past of its own self right now.

If next time someone asks you “Hey man, what are you doing right now?” and you suffer a crippling seizure—my bad. But there is something significant to gain from all of this. There is something to help you going forward (the yucks just keep coming) and that is this simple advice: live your life like “right now” doesn’t exist because it doesn’t.


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