@#ckin’ Pi!!!


Okay, the basics first. We gotta circle, diameter of one inch. We give it one full roll along a ruler. It should land on the three-inch mark, but it doesn’t. It lands on 3.14159 and then some. But hold on. We measured the diameter (1″), gave it twirl along the ruler to measure the circumference and we get this irrational number? Why? You know what to do to find out.


I know they were a band who made some noise at the beginning of the millennium, but the concept that is their namesake, a perfect circle, is a falsehood. The circle or sphere is a very intriguing shape. With little force it can go from a completely inert state to a state of motion. Set it in motion down an angled plane and it will roll until it reaches an obstacle. If there were no obstacle it could conceivably roll for an eternity—picking up speed as it went along. Where does such an object get this kind of self-sustaining energy? Simple. From its imperfection.

What is the only shape a circle can be broken down to equally?
Triangles or polygons if you want to get fancy. Think of videogames. The graphics are just absurd these days.

But only a few years ago the characters that populated videogames were composed of blocky, egregiously angular shapes.

Now they are rounded and smooth. Actually. Not really. Pop in your favorite sports game. I’m tossing in NBA2K8. Run a quick play. Go to replay. Zoom in as close as you possibly can on any seemingly rounded part. Looks like LeBron’s got some pretty jagged shoulders now, doesn’t he? All right, now that we have conducted that experiment let’s dig a little deeper. A so-called perfect circle can be broken down into an infinite number of triangles. The “chase” to infinity is what drives the circle or sphere. A slight push down a hill is all that is needed to send it in motion or an ancillary force can be added to the object to compensate for the lack of a hill. The reason it grooves so well is because it is made of these equally imperfect little shapes. These three-sided angled-planes that when densely packed together provide a perpetual motion machine that literally click-clacks along the surface in 360 degrees.

The big whoop is that this is the very force that powers evolution. Hell, it’s the very force that powers every damn thing in the vast infinite universe and without the imperfect trinities it could not move. Yes, there is some religious philosophy wrapped up in there. For starters, three becoming one. You know, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost together are the three “persons” in the one God. Now, before you get going on your own cat-and-mouse research I’ll put forth my theory real quick-like. Here’s my trinity: the Father (the cosmos), the Son (the sun), the Holy Ghost (imagination, dreams, inspiration, the muse), and the culmination God (the infinite universe). And then there’s us (the creation). These odd little orbs that orbit the sun so fastidiously. All seemingly barren with the exception of one gleaming blue one. One that sits in the perfect place to sustain a ridiculously diverse array of life. What’s our place in all of this? Well, without us all you got is a bunch of stars and no one to look at them.

For those of you interested in the derivation of damn near every religious symbol ever created—the following pic should get you going.


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