No Fear.


There have been some shocking killings in the media recently. Most where a person enters a public place and arbitrarily begins shooting. In a society that did not fear death this would happen: a man walks into a business with a semi-automatic rifle and what seems like endless strands of ammunition draped over his shoulders. Now what typically happens when this occurs? People flee. The gunman gives chase picking off as many as he can. Once he exhausts his magazine he reloads and takes out several more people. Now imagine what would have happened if nobody fled, but instead ran towards the gunman. He could probably pick off as many as his magazine held, but not as many as he did in the previous scenario. Okay, let’s imagine we all did this every time we were faced with things that wished us harm or death. A society that defeats the fear of death defeats the things that wish to bring it about prematurely. Now here’s the $15,000 question—how do we defeat the fear? The same way we defeated the fear of the Boogie Man. At some point we realized that he was not real, but a mere figment of someone’s wild imagination. We must look at death the same way. It does not exist.

Go ahead. Open up this can of worms. You know you want to.

We think that we are born and then we die. Fact is this cycle is only one part of our infinite existence. Infinite? Yes, infinite—meaning no ending, no beginning, always. We have only been documenting one segment and that is this, that is us here, this is one segment. You have always been here in some form or fashion. Every one of you. None of us were literally born, you have all been immaculately conceived. See, that’s where the holy books get it right again. Okay, let’s continue. Your essence existed in your mother and father, their mother and father, their mother and father and going back, back, back, and back ad infinitum. From whatever we evolved from, whatever that evolved from, and from whatever that evolved going back—well, you know. This is why origin stories are so wondrous and why we view childbirth as a miracle. It is pretty amazing to think that you are the product of infinity and that you will also beget infinity. In essence everything that ever was is and everything that ever will be is as well. Okay, take this very computer you are using to view this website. It didn’t come from nowhere. Everything came from something and nothing comes from nothing. Your computer existed at the time of the dinosaurs. The elements we used to create existed in the universe just waiting to be assembled and your computer will evolve into something else as well. That is the key— evolution. Religious folks should have never been afraid of this word. This word proves your faith. It is an infinite story of creation!

Whoa! Whoa! Stop this ship. I want to get off. Creationism? Is this blog some ploy to lure me into—

No. I assure you, no caveats, ulterior motives or underhandedness. Just roll with me and let’s have a little fun.

Okay, first we have to deal with that tricky slick mutha relativity for a bit. Don’t worry, I’ll make it quick. All right, the obvious—evolution is happening right now. You are evolving, I am evolving, the room you are in is evolving, the carpet, the windows, the milk in the fridge. We just can’t perceive it because it is all happening in (@#%$!) relative time. I know everyone has seen time-lapse photography before. It’s that amazing stuff where you actually see the plant grow in “real time.” You can find some on the blog here (scroll to the bottom). What you are witnessing is a portion of the plant’s evolution. We call it evolution because it happens in relative time, but it’s really just growth happening in super ultra hyper mega slow motion. Imagine if there was an alien race whose sense of time was drastically different than ours. For instance, let’s say that one-billion years to them seemed like five minutes. Now imagine they are watching our planet—it must look like a rapidly spinning lava lamp to them—probably a great source of entertainment for inquisitive adolescents. Now imagine how are entire galaxy would look! Extraterrestrial psychedelic enhancements would more than likely accompany these viewings.



1 Response to “No Fear.”

  1. 1 Brooke June 23, 2009 at 12:18 am

    I’m a little confused, are you a Christian?

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