The Great MySpace Chase Game!


Bored at work? Here’s a fun game to play with a partner in an adjacent cubicle. Jump on MySpace (hopefully, it’s not blocked). Now both you and your partner pick a random profile. It is best to make sure these two profiles are as diametrically opposed as possible. I’m talkin’ combos like a Kentucky farm boy and an Indonesian college student. Now once you two lock on to your profiles, brace yourselves because this is where it gets tough.

So you have your Orthodox Jewish electrician and your buddy has the Egyptian rock star. Here’s the game: find each other! Seem impossible? At first maybe. But consider this, you can look for linking clues in the personal details of the profile you chose as well as their “friends.” There may be a huge international mega celebrity they both admire and therefore are both likely to be “friends” with. There are a myriad of ways to link people. Just get creative. In essence, you should be able to link every single person on there in a spiraling infinite mess.

Sorry about that. Went into a daze. At any rate, give the game a try. Remember, communication is important while playing this game. It’s an excellent game to play while chatting online. It also kicks as a party game. Pull two teams of two from your group. Break the rest of the people into two cheering sections. Supply these people with libations and plenty of accessible refreshments. If it is at all possible try to “broadcast” the match on a large centralized television or monitor so the spectators do not have to lurch over the competitors. All right, now have each rooting section pick the “type” of profile for their competitor. Once those are locked in, start the clock and send the teams on their way to find each other. Bonus points for a team if a player links themselves to a player on the opposing team.

Okay, there you go. A few ideas to get you started. Be sure to make up your own and don’t forget to leave comments detailing your experiences.


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