The Gays

Bayard Rustin

There are some who believe that the AIDS epidemic is God’s way of punishing gays and so-called sexual deviants. Many of these people call themselves Christians so let’s direct them to the Bible. God would not punish the wicked with death because death is not an apt punishment. Death is a sacrifice and sometimes innocents are spared to punish the living. It’s the story of Jesus. God sacrifices His Only Begotten Son so that the sinners would then hopefully see the error of what fear did to them. He must suddenly sacrifice something that some revered and thought of as mystical and others despised just to get the undivided attention of all. That’s how hard-headed we are.

Death by its very nature is a sacrificial act. Once we “die” we no longer occupy the universe in this physical state any longer. We should be on easy street. No more bills to pay. No more 6AM alarm blaring. No more worries. How is this a punishment? How is being spared of all this worry and anxiety a punishment? How is the grand journey we take post death not preferable to the so-called present and as a result why do we fear death which is the ultimately the gateway to the eternal “awe.” Well, I answered those questions a few posts back. Click the hyperlink for that rundown. All right, back to the gays.

Love is only wrong when it hurts. Simple as that. No arguments need to be made. We can stop all this foolishness and—

Hey! What about pedophiles?

No consent. Not love. Also, children cannot make informed decisions about their sexual partners.

Okay, what about those people who sleep with animals?

That’s just animal rape. Come on. Seriously? Once again, not love. Look, I win. There’s nothing more to argue.

BAM!!!Leviticus 18:22!!! You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination!!!

Oh. That. Thought you got me there, huh? Sorry. Not backing down. Let’s rock and roll. Look, the Bible is full of some great stuff. Hollywood is ripping it off all the time. The great majority of it (minus the fear mongering and misogyny) reads like the perfect manual for living a life. However, we must remember that “we” wrote it. I will not argue the possible divine inspiration. Matter-of-fact, I’ll be making a case for it in a later post. At any rate, back to the editorializing of the Bible.

Editorializing? The Bible?! Say what?!

Come on, you don’t really think these cats just wrote down what they were being told verbatim do you? In actuality, they probably weren’t “told” anything. Probably woke up one morning changed and couldn’t explain how or why. Their first drafts were probably more conscience-based, but once they started realizing the power and source of their words they probably felt a little compelled to throw some “timely” little nuggets in there, dependent on their own personal biases.


Blasphemy? Can’t say I didn’t see that coming. Okay, try this on: let’s say someone like a Rush Limbaugh or even a Keith Olbermann received the Divine Word. Do you think they would put it to page without letting a little bit of their egos spill out as well?

What?! How dare you mix the Divine Providence of God’s Word with attention-starved media personalities?! Leviticus was written—

—by men. It doesn’t matter what man or group of men you believe wrote it, the truth remains that it was written. God didn’t use a cosmic Inkjet to print out His books. He had us do his data entry work. So with that said, here’s a what if. I’m sure many of you are already hip to this, but I’m gonna bring it up anyway: what if our holy books are not the literal word of God, but man’s divinely inspired word ‘about’ God?

Well—maybe. I might be able to work with that. Explains some of those contradictions I’m always trying to gloss over.

Just something to think about folks. The visceral response people have towards gay relationships comes directly from their unfamiliarity with gay relationships. They are scared of them because they are different. A father walking along the street spots two guys kissing, his son freaks out. The father, not looking forward to explaining this one, freaks out, but he’s a civilized man. No hysterics right now. Waits until he gets home for that. After a strained conversation with his son about ga— lesb— homo— sinners, he retreats to the den where he jumps on a gay-friendly discussion forum and pours out everything he wishes he had the courage to say to the couple on the street. Now imagine if when the two men kissed each other and his son freaked out he said simply, “I know it looks weird, but two dudes can love each other like me an’ your mom.” His blasé attitude and calmness would have immediately eased his son’s anxiety. Just like that.

Look, we can’t just gather around government buildings and yell at each other. One group has to overcome fear and start a real dialogue with the other. The polarizing views we possess are no doubt important to us. In many ways they define us. Whether or not you are pro or con you relish the fight. This is because you fear the other group is going to render your group irrelevant. It seems as if a hostile takeover is imminent. Think about if someone unfamiliar bursts into the room where you are now and demanded you like him. Don’t think you would. And this is the perception both groups have. Of course there are some subtle differences between the groups, but each group only sees things their way. They may know what the opposition thinks, but the opposition is wrong, that’s why they are the opposition.

Damn it. We are a silly bunch of idiots, aren’t we?


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