Relativity 4 Kids!!!


Seriously, this is a game you can play with your kids, nieces, nephews, cousins, or that strange little kid who wanders the halls of your building. This is not some ironic tongue-in-cheekery. I’m being straight-up earnest with this one. I know. I know. You can’t believe it, but I assure you, this is for real and the kids should dig it. Adults, treat it like Astrophysics Slapstick. Damn! Those two words do not like each other. Astrophysics Slapstick. That is like one of the ugliest sounds the human vocal chord is capable of. Sounds like a punctuation to a Hitler speech. When you say it aloud it feels as if your skull is trying to make a hasty exit through your mouth. It would make the perfect punishment for a misbehaving voice-over artist. Poor bloke would have to say it every other sentence in that bland local news diction.

Okay, sorry. Back to the task at hand. Exposing relativity to kids. Better go grab ‘em, I’m sure they’ve wandered off somewhere by now. All right, all accounted for? Let’s go.

Wow! What a tall building!


Wait! Not a tall building! A big zebra!


No! Not a big zebra! A big…




No wait! A tall building! WHAT!!!???

Aw shucks! You got me again Relativity! So tricky!


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