The People of the Fire


Okay, before we get going we must visit the equator first. Don’t worry, you don’t need any plane tickets or three-ounce containers, all you need is a working oven. All right, preheat it to about 450 or something in that ballpark. While it heats up go grab a stopwatch. Once the oven gets nice and hot open the door. Sit in front of it for as long as you can bear, then wait a few more seconds. Now close it. Check your time. Write it down. Now wait for about three-quarters of the time you faced the open oven. Now open the oven again. This time you must bear it for the full duration of your written time. Repeat this cycle for a few minutes.

Unbearable, isn’t it? That’s why a lot of us got the hell out of there and made our way up to cooler climates. But what was to become of those who were left behind? Well, we’re going to have to play the infamous “Race Card” to find out. Trust me though, this will be the most fun you’ve had with race relations in quite some time. Come on, let’s go for a ride.

The equator has only one season and that is the season of FIRE!!! It’s not just hot around the equator, it is scorching. Made worse by the fastest sunrise/sunset cycle on the planet. That means the nights provide only minimal relief. Basically it’s like someone giving you a thimble full of water after you’ve run a couple of miles. Yeah, it’s that hot. But there’s rain. So it’s not all bad. And it’s not the hottest place on earth; it’s just the incessant blaze of the sun that gets ya. Imagine having to deal with that for 24/7, 365. Couldn’t do it, could you? But someone did, they had to. If they didn’t we wouldn’t be here. Garden of Eden? Not exactly. But you will find the most wildly colored and vibrant life-forms this planet boasts around this ring of fire. Everything from multi-colored delicious fruits to Toucans to beautiful beaches to the people—lush dark skin—a skin tone they evolved to protect them from the sun, their lean bodies marked by radiant paint and a multitude of adornments—all of profound significance. Then there’s the cuisine—colorful, zesty, and just downright delicious. The music—that pounding drumbeat. It does not relent. They pound those drums in their dead-center so they reverberate as loud as the sun is hot. The constant beat of the sun equals the constant beat of the drum. Think about this people: the blazing sun appears from the east and moving in a near perfect arc sails right above their heads. Always beating down. No seasons to break the monotony. What do you think such a constant solar onslaught does to a people? Well, for starters, it does this:

and this…

and this…

and this…

and this…

and then there’s this:

and this…

et cetera, et cetera

Okay, so we got it. Some pretty extreme behavior there, right? Well, not really. Remember, it’s all relative. Okay, we’re not going to bark all the way up that tree just yet. Back to the fire. Why is dark skin so despised? Why in damn near every culture lighter equals prettier? What is the problem with darkness?


Tell me, what’s wrong with her?

Damn. Me and my diversions. Sorry. But by the way, she’s not just a pretty face, she’s also a kick-ass artist. Check her out.

Okay, here’s what really bugs the lighter-skinned folks—all that extreme activity, the fluidity, the rhythm, the stark contrast—it’s drastically different than what they are accustomed to. People don’t like different. It scares the mess out of them and it doesn’t help matters that when we are faced with something we do not understand we seldom inquire about it, instead we fall back on our conditioning and judge the new with the biases of the old. That’s pretty stupid, isn’t it? But it’s the way of the world. The descendants (we won’t go into it, but during our “creation” the most fertile part of our globe was its “grand circle” or ring of fire or equator, this is where God cooked up that Primordial Soup, okay, I think I broke some sort of “parenthesis” law with this one) of the Fire People could not understand their ostentatious ways. Their nakedness was jarring to them. They came from starkly fluctuating climates where one’s dress had to be substantial to protect from extreme cold, rain and snow. These Fire People, under constant sunlight would never think of covering themselves. That would be instant death. So what was practical was viewed as barbaric. They were called savages. What happens next?

Well they look like humans. They can perform the work of humans, but since they are obviously sub-human we can have them do all of our dirty work and not pay them a dime for it. Brilliant!

Okay, so the sub-humans come over and are sold as slaves. In order to keep them subservient they are constantly reminded that they are not equal to their masters. This is that scary psychological bit. Now mix in the “nature” of the Fire People with this psychological dagger and what happens? We’re still trying to figure that out.

And here’s something else to chew on—the people who fled the fire evolved lighter skins as they moved toward the North Pole. The Fire still reached them. Look at their hair, their eyes. The freckles “radiating” across their faces. You cannot escape the “love” of the sun. The light always finds you. It is a remarkable force. No matter where you are in this galaxy you see it. We all get our turn and at night when we think it’s gone we are surrounded by lights brighter and bigger than our sun. We just don’t perceive them that way because of that relativity thing. Only when things are right in our faces poking us in our eyes with a rusty nail do we even acknowledge their existence. That’s just relativity doing its job.

Okay, let’s wrap this party up. I know to some this post may have came off as either overly simplistic or a polemic against The Man or both. And then there are certain segments of society who will read this post and use it to corroborate arguments purporting that lighter-skinned peoples are inherently evil. No one is inherently evil. Look, let’s just knock this out right now—

Fear is not just an instinct, it is also nurtured. When we were children we feared things which were unfamiliar because they seemed threatening, but we were also drawn to the unfamiliar if it seemed inviting. We were solely reliant on our undeveloped senses to make sense of the world around us. We were not equipped to comprehensively size up situations. That’s where the adults in our lives came in. They helped us to discern between what things to fear and what things not to fear. Most of the time it was obvious stuff. Don’t touch a hot iron. Don’t stare at the sun. But every now and then they would sneak in a little of that scary psychological bit. It’s that stuff that has you all messed up right now. It’s that inexplicable thing that will not allow you to date a white guy. When people ask you why, you cannot explain it. No matter how hard you try to avoid doing it, every reason you spit out is an ignorant stereotype of both the white guy and whatever guy you prefer. Ironically, you actually do both groups a huge disservice by reducing them to two-dimensional supposed archetypes. It’s irrational and it’s wrought from fear. A fear that has been passed down since we climbed outta the gunk and guys that’s all any of this parses down to. Fear. The real goal of this blog is expose fear for the joke that it is so that maybe one day we can see what happens when we finally kick its ass. We’ve seen some civilizations get pretty damn close.


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