YOUR TURN: Big Ghosts!

big ghost

Had a crazy idea for a movie while walking to procure the ingredients for Recession Pie (cheap graham cracker crust and instant chocolate pudding, no more than two-fitty altogether). Looks dreadful, but surprisingly brings more than half a smile to your face. Okay, back to the movie idea—big ghosts. Just big ass ghosts. It would be like an invasion of big ass ghosts. Not just human ghosts, but animal ghosts and maybe inanimate object ghosts if you want to get all absurd and ish. I wouldn’t mind seeing a big ass Lazy Susan ghost. Okay, now that’s just bloody ridiculous. Now here’s what I want from all of you Photoshop savants out there—I want your big ghost pictures. My skills are staggeringly limited, but I know there are some wunderkinds out there who can whip up something pretty snazzy. All right have at it, post your pics. A couple free tools to help you out when you come in.

Photobucket – good place to host your creations.

Photo-Freeware, Gimp – a couple sites that offer free photo editing software.

Hey, you filmmakers can get involved too. Shoot some Big Ghost videos, upload ‘em to Youtube, and embed them here. Come on, let’s start a Big Ghost revolution….or just waste some time.


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