No Fear Pacman


Now this game can only be played in workplaces where you are fastidiously micro-managed. If you are allowed to “tweet” all day at your gig with no problems then No Fear Pacman is not for you. But all you corporate prisoners out there click below.

Here’s the game link.

Here are the rules:

Get a bunch of players, the more the merrier.

Now start playing.

Seems simple enough right. But wait, here comes the Alhambra guy. Do you drop the page down or do you play through? The Alhambra guy won’t tell, will he? Can’t be certain, and that’s part of the fun. If you freak out and drop the page your Pacman will be left to die. The best players will know when to “panic” and when not to. The really good ones will play with no fear at all. Play ends at a designated time of your choosing at which point all of the players will email each other their scores. You can make things a little more interesting by wagering a free lunch or maybe some vacation leave if you’re a high-roller. Enjoy and post your high scores.


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