Superhumans, Divine Providence and God


Iron Man, Batman, Spiderman, the X-Men, Meteor Man, et cetera. We love us some superhumans. We always have though, but why? Web sling yourself inside for the answers.

One human endowed with the ability to save all humans. This is a quality we subconsciously look for in our leaders. What we need to realize is that in these movies the superhuman character’s best quality is his inspirational selflessness. If you live in a Gotham or a Metropolis you feel safe knowing that a Batman or Superman respectively is out there. Now let’s say the superhuman disappears. What now? Criminals descend on the city and it’s all out chaos. The citizens first miss their beloved superhuman but as time passes and he does not return their love grows cold. As the crime levels rise to astronomic levels they become vengeful. They dare the superhuman to show his face again.

Suffice it to say, the citizens of these cities completely missed the point the superhuman was trying to make with his absence. A superhero, no matter how super, cannot be in all places at all times. Even when he was in town dispatching egocentric bad guys, if you were being mugged on the lower east side and Superman was busy dealing with Lex’s goons on the west side chances are he’s not coming to your aid. Now here’s where it gets all twisted up. The only reason you were out that night in the first place was because you felt safe knowing that there was a Superman out there. What you should have learned from the Man of Steel was that you defeat fear by facing it head-on. If I pop in your bedroom and beat you with a loaf of bread every night you may fear going to bed. But if you were defiant and stood up to me each time, eventually I would find someone else to hit over the head with my baguette.

The superhuman is a sacrificial character in the same vain as Jesus. Think about it. Most superhuman origins involve a spectacular conception and they sacrifice themselves for our sin of fear. Remember fear is the only “real” sin. Gluttony, lust and the rest don’t exist without it. People gorge on money, sex, food or any other vice because each time they engage in it they fear there will not be a next time. This is why we hoard. This is why we’re in a Recession. Anyway, back to the superhumans.

So the superhuman sacrifices themselves for our sin and we do not realize it until after he leaves. But he will return. He always returns and it’s usually when the super villain is at his most powerful as a result of exploiting the fear during the superhuman’s absence. An epic battle ensues. One that’s right out of Revelations and of course the good guy wins and we are “saved.” Well, not all of us right-off-the-bat. The ones who always “knew” the superhuman was coming back will be “saved” first because they did not let fear consume them. Of course there were times when they may have felt afraid, but they handled it without blindly reacting. The others, the larger segment, let fear consume them and became putty in the super villain’s hands.

Yes. Yes. The Bible is a pretty kick-ass comic. Well, sans the pictures of course. Look, we’ve been telling these same damn stories since we can remember. But why do we do it? If we are a group of diverse, unique people why do we keep on telling the same ol’ stories? This is that Divine Providence I hinted at in an earlier post. Where does this divinity come from? Us. We are divine. Even in death—when we jump right back on the wild ride that brought us to the “living” portion of our evolutionary process. I won’t get into that again, you can play the MySpace game if you need any information about that. We’re going to go and get into some “death” talk right now so I will warn you now—those who possess weak constitutions may want to stop here. The rest of you, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

When we die our bodies decompose. All the flesh, the organs, brains, lungs, heart and everything that makes us unique seems to disappear from our unremarkable skeletons. Where does it go? Where does the soul go? It leaves the “frame” and ventures out into the world to hopefully become whole once again. We call this chase to wholeness destiny or fate.

Check it out. Boom. Your dead. You’re cremated. Ashes scattered over a tropical island paradise somewhere. Say a bird eats a worm that a piece of you has landed on and a storm whips some more of you to the mainland and then some of you becomes fertilizer. Through natural forces over the span of many, many, many, many years the universe will resurrect you. It will utilize forces small and large to do this. In the process all of your parts will be somewhere in the universe.

Right now, your “living” body is made up of an infinitesimal number of “dead” things. Great Great Great Grandma Maude is in there as well as your Cro-Magnon ancestor. Now think of that fascinating organ encased in your skull. What does infinitesimal origin do to that? It gives us our stories. We keep on telling the same stories because it’s the story of everything. It’s the BDR (Birth, Death, Resurrection) concept. Our sun does this, we do this, everything does this. Our own sun does it everyday. And this is not a finite story. The BDR is a “snapshot” of infinity. You are “born” from an infinitesimal origin, you “live” and then you “die” and you are resurrected in an infinite number of ways— from the legacy you leave behind, to children, to the journey of your decomposing flesh. Everything comes from something and nothing comes from nothing. We have always been here in some capacity and we always be here in some capacity.

Check some of these out. It’s all there. Our past and our future. Our brain , like everything else, is the product of an infinite origin. Great Great Great grandma Maude’s memory of her first love may pop up when you write a love letter or a screenplay or book. You will not know where these ideas come from. They may even shock you. Sometimes they will seem familiar—déjà vu. Look at our stories. We think they are so fresh and original. The essence of Spiderman existed during the ice age it just had to become whole through Stan Lee.

We need a chill-out session here, don’t we? How about a little Erik Satie.

What I’m saying here is that we are the Divine Providence. We are God. As imperfect as we are. But remember it takes imperfection to move what is seemingly perfect. All of this came from the cosmos (God), that includes us, spiders, atoms, Paris Hilton—everything. We are the creation and the creator. It’s that infinity business again that I cannot seem to stop talking about. Let’s look at the Trinity again. The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost—three parts becoming one God. To break it down—Father (cosmos), Son (sun), Holy Ghost (the Divine inspiration).

Everything is God. Plain and simple. Now I know God is a loaded word, but it’s the best word that has evolved to describe such a phenomenon. There is an ongoing fight amongst those who want to teach evolution exclusively in schools and those who want to teach “intelligent design” alongside it. First off, we are not the product of intelligent design. An intelligent being would not create things so beautiful. We perceive beauty with all of our senses. From the sublime sweetness of an apple, to the feeling of a cool lake on a hot day, to the smell of a rose, to the sight of a sunset. This is a “ Conscious Design.” Remember, if you go with your conscience you usually make the right decision without thinking about it. If you go with your intellect, well things get a bit messy sometimes. Your conscience is pure love. God is pure love. God is bigger than we think. Much bigger. In fact God possesses no measurable size because everything is infinite. God is able to subvert the tricky relativity by becoming immeasurable. God is the vast, expanding, infinite universe. Imagine trying to measure a person who never stops growing. It would be aggravating and that’s what pisses relativity off. He fools us, but he cannot fool God (don’t be afraid of the word, it’s just a word).

Wait. I’m diggin’ what you’re saying, but how does infinity expand? What is it expanding to?

I’ll get to that. Not now. I’m a little beat after this tirade. But rest assured it’s coming.


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