The Infinite Radiant Core


A constant you will find in the universe is the sphere and the circle. Everything from the planets, to water lilies, to sea urchins, to the sun, to—

—our own eyes. Our most trusted sense. Look at it. It is the perfect model of the universe. A sphere is an encapsulated infinity. Not only like everything else can it not be parsed down to nothing, if one were to roam it one would roam forever as it possesses no edges, therefore it possesses no end, it is infinite. It is a perfect model of the infinity because it represents the force that “powers’ the infinite universe. All spheres possess a core. Let’s look at our planet.
earth core
Open her up and she’s got this little Nerf ball inside. This little Nerf ball itself has a core. And that core possess a core and that core—well, you get it. The core only seems to be a core. It is actually infinite because like everything that exists it cannot be parsed down to nothing. Our planet radiates out from this “seeming” core. We can look at the universe the same way. Remember it is expanding or radiating from a seeming core. Next time you are in a toy store get your hands on one of these. It sums up this idea much better than I can. Plus, it’s a lot more fun. So the universe is conceptually spherical, but it does not possess any finite boundaries as our Earth. Whereas our planet possesses an infinite core in its center, the universe actually possesses an infinite number of “centers.” You, a blade of grass or a candy wrapper can be considered the “center” of the universe because the universe radiates from all of these “centers” or infinite nuclei in 360 degrees. I described how the radiance works here. There seems to be a core to it but within that core is also infinity. The driving force is the spiraling chase to the core, much like a whirlpool.

Now where do we find spheres or circular shapes in nature? The Earth, the moon, the planets, the stars, asteroid and meteor impacts which when they hit, create a circle and the concussion is a powerful 360 degree blast. The scar left behind looks like the sun—imitation the most sincere form of flattery. Then there are our eyes, the iris, the pupils, if you look at a close-up of the human eye the iris radiates away from the pupil. Okay, some more—rainbows, atoms, cells, the nucleus, the splitting of the atom that lead to the atomic bomb which is mankind harnessing the power of the sun, spiraling DNA strands, hair follicles, fingerprints, our circulatory system, water lilies, flowers, the eye of a storm, volcanoes, the planets, the stars, viruses, sea urchins, wedding bands that are supposed to represent an eternity of love, anthills, birds’ nests, sonic booms, oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruits—cut a slice, what does it look like?
citrus fruits
And it is no mystery why these fruits flourish where sunlight is most abundant. Then there are water drops, spheres which upon impact form the perfect model—core, energy radiating outward.

Then there’s my favorite—the dandelion.
It begins as a sphere consisting of several radiant seeds attached to a seeming core, a gust of wind spreads these seeds in 360 degrees where they become beautiful dandelion flowers. Flowers in general are amazing models of the radiance. There are many more models out there. Look for them. Post the pics you find in the comments section.

Stars have often been mysterious because the way they seem to just sit up in the sky like a bunch of “little” suns. Here’s the thing—we see way more of them in our night’s sky than we see yellow suns. Also, they are always surrounding us. We have used them for navigation and to tell us about ourselves. As you were told countless times in school they are bigger than the sun and they burn hotter than the sun and there are much more of them. The stars are what we interpreted as God’s infinite eyes, watching over us and (literally) guiding us. Also, they give away the secrets of the universe every night.
star trail
This photo shows the movements of stars throughout an entire night. That should be enough to make my point. But if you need more, what about this:
Imagine if you threw on your relativity decoder glasses and you viewed this in “real-time.” It would be a sight for sore eyes.

sonic boom
snail shell
black hole


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