The Illusion of Existence


    Greetings, this is Spaceman’s Hairdo from Y2K+14, D15/M11. If you like this bit check it out in its evolved form.

We’ve already established that relativity must deceive us in order to exist. Now here’s where it gets even trickier. Our life, our existence, it’s all just a mere illusion.

Hey! Where are you going? Just bear with me for a moment. No seriously, this will be fun.

Here we go. The universe needs something to interpret it to be relevant. Whether it be us or birds or dinosaurs or crabs. It NEEDS life. It’s kind of like this blog (and for that matter many others). Apparently I’m writing these articles for my health because it seems no one is reading them. Perhaps I need to engage in a little trickery of my own. Post a fake Paris Hilton/John Tesh sex tape or something like that. Anyway, bitterness aside. The universe is a bit of an attention-whore, why else would it go through so much trouble to make life possible on this one odd little planet? Now there could be other life-forms out there. But for the fun of it—what if we are the only planet that contains life? What if in the infinite universe we are the only one (1)? Wouldn’t that be something? What if we are the universe’s “eye?” Okay, now that I put that out there, let’s dig a little deeper.

Dogs and humans age differently. Your beloved pooch is considered “old” after about 10-12 years. At that same time you’re just finishing up your grammar school career. Because time is relative our lifespans are relative. Let me go ahead and beat this dead horse—time, like everything else cannot be parsed down to nothing, it can also not be capped so that must mean that time does not truly exist because it cannot be encapsulated. We view time as seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, etc. then we “die.” Does time stop then? No, it doesn’t even stop for our “dead” bodies because we just continue on our evolutionary journey. Right now, we are aware of our existence. We are aware of our growth and the growth of those around us, yet we never “see” it. It seems to just happen. One moment your daughter is five, fifteen years later she is twenty and you are incapable of processing all of the time that has elapsed. The past years flit by your mind’s eye like a dream. It seems just like yesterday your daughter was five years old. Our perception is a tricky thing. We often wonder what happens after “death,” but not much about what happened before “birth.” These phenomenons are the same thing. Over an infinitesimal period all of the elements that have congealed to make you who you are today were rushing through countless other people to create you just as it created them (MySpace game).

All right so if we cannot comprehensively measure time because it cannot be measured against the infinite universe then time doesn’t theoretically exist and therefore our existence which is reliant on our perception of time is just a mere illusion—then why does it feel so real? It’s because of relativity. The universe is not magnificent without us. Matter of fact, the universe would not “exist” without us. Just think about that for a moment. If something were to wipe everything out the universe scrambles to create new life. There will always be life. That fact is inescapable. Something has to interpret the universe or why else would it exist. Without your perception you do not exist. So size, space and time do not technically exist because there is no ultimate yard stick by which to measure them. We measure everything by how it “relates” to us. The sun is large because its mass is equivalent to 100,000 Earths. We stand next to a Redwood tree it appears massive, we stand next to Bonsai tree we appear massive.

Here’s the thing, we are infinite too. We cannot be broken down to nothing and we will always exist in one form or another in the universe for eternity. But because we are needed to admire the universe we have to be “tricked” into thinking we occupy it for just a brief period of time. The universe as you clearly see thrives on relative diversity. The reason we “die” is to clear room for new life to experience it. If you look at our solar system, every object gets its turn in the sun. It’s that BDR (birth, death, resurrection) thing.

Let’s look at the Matrix movies. The premise is that an advanced artificial intelligence farms us to power their civilization. In order for us to be adequate power sources our minds need to be occupied. This is taken care of via an elaborate computer generated fantasy land that seems uncannily like reality. You are born, you have life experiences and you die and then your body is literally fed to the others. Of course we’re not privy to this, we think we’re just living normal lives. In our reality it is not advance artificial intelligence, it’s relativity. That’s why on most nights you never look up at the stars staring down on you. The place where you and this entire solar system came from hovers right above our heads every damn day and night. But what do we do when we need answers we go inside buildings and read books and listen to a man misinterpret almost everything in these books. The “sun” he speaks of is right outside those giant doors. You were just out in it. You may have even remarked how hot it was, but you will not acknowledge its presence as a manifestation of your savior. Why?

Because that’s just pagan nonsense!

Where do you think your religion came from? Look at your cross.
Christians typically view this as a symbol of Jesus’ crucifixion, but it’s really a part of this:
sun cross
Yeah, that’s a pagan symbol. The Celtic cross actually blends the two of these together.
Whatcha gotta say about that? I kid. I kid. Okay, back to the illusion of life. We’ve established that everything is infinite and time doesn’t exist and that our BDR timeline is just a trick to make us think that we exist for a finite period of time because we are not aware of our pre-birth experience and post-death experience. I know, this is some crazy stuff to wrap your head around. I can’t even do it myself. I’ll leave you with this:

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.


19 Responses to “The Illusion of Existence”

  1. 1 Terry Clendon July 13, 2012 at 6:50 am

    Try this for size

    I am writing to tell you of ideas that I have for a science fiction story. Now wait! I hope that what I am writing is not now at the bottom of your round filing cabinet (rubbish bin).
    To continue
    Proposal 1. Please consider the brain. As we know without sensory input the brain would have no knowledge of the outside world. In the movie ‘The Matrix’, people unbeknown to themselves were living in a virtual reality world that was created for them by the super computer that they were interfaced with. Also similar scenarios were proposed in the movie Total Recall etc (So far nothing new). Consider for a moment if we were in actual fact all living in this virtual reality world (and Universe) and connected to this super computer why would we then have to be a physical brain with a body and not be a self aware computer ourselves. If we now take the next step of fantasy and apply it to what we perceive as reality and how this concept could in fact apply to us we are left with the following question. Who created this super computer and us and why? If strictly for expediency we cop out of answering half this question and call the proposed super computer God we then ask ourselves why would this God/computer want to create a semiconductor factory producing billions of free willed self aware *Slave ‘People Computers’ for them to ‘live’ in its virtual reality world. Obviously a ridiculous concept and I am being facetious in proposing it but it brings us to the final step of my fantasy. There is of course no need for this God computer or us the free willed ‘slave/people computers’ to actually be computers. In fact it could be proposed to oversimplify the concept that we and the universe are figments of Gods imagination and there is no such thing in fact as a material world. To me this would not diminish our reality but enhance it as we would all be part of Gods mind. It would seem to me to solve so many other problems such as why does light travel at the speed it does why does all matter adhere to the laws of Physics etc. If instead of mater there were only ‘near infinite mathematical representations of mater’ to preserve order rather than chaos in this ‘near infinite mathematical representations of mater – virtual reality Universe’ it becomes simply a feat of the imagination (and that of a pretty good mathematical mind to say the least) to bring it about. As a side issues I am led to believe a atom in the material world is composed of electrons and a nucleus all occupying about one forty thousandth of the area of that atom making all matter basically empty space occupied by forces and being what we see as matter but can perhaps also be conceived as basically packets of force or mathematical representations of such. Religion also can perhaps be understood more as the Christian bible states that God is Spirit. This is a difficult concept if we consider a material world and God not responsible for it. After all in the beginning before creation and the big bang there must have been God and all creation must be part of Him/Her/It unless we complicate the issue further by saying there was more than one God before creation but I personally don’t want to go there. If God and all of us are actually spirit, again the problem simplifies. As well consider that my big toe is part of me and yet does not play a part in my decision making (unless I stub it) and that we can be similarly part of Gods Spirit and not have created the universe. I certainly have no recollection of doing so. I am in no way promoting the Christian religion and it would be very interesting to know if other religions also give any hint as to such ideas. The difference from our point of view of reality would be irrelevant as there would be no difference to our experience so what is the point of this fantasy concept apart from being the basis for a science fiction story? Probably none. Also I am sure that similar ideas have been proposed by many people and even written about but what is needed is another H G Wells or even Arthur C Clarke to fully present and popularize it to the public. Anyhow I am writing to tell you of ideas that I have for a science fiction story. Now wait! ———————————————————————

    Proposal 2.

    Regarding Journeying to the stars.
    Dear Sir I suspect I may be delusional because I believe that I have insight into the basic problems of Journeying to the stars that many don’t have or seem to not have or have not made known to others. I also suspect that what I am writing probably has basic flaws that because of my ignorance and lack of knowledge I am not aware of. Nevertheless because these ideas have bothered me for some time I am attempting to waste your and my time with the following. Scientists, Science Fiction Writers and others that I am aware of have over and over; for many years endlessly, beaten their heads against a brick wall concerning the problem of people eventually travelling to the stars and how they can do so. The obstacles of course that are endlessly debated and mathematically scrutinized along with what I have read as being the proposed solutions are as follows.

    Obstacles Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. When travelling at the fastest speed that has been achieved so far it would take thousands of years to reach the closest star and no form of propulsion is currently available to travel fast enough to reach even that star in a lifetime.

    Proposed solution. It may be possible to get around or bypass this limitation by means at present unknown to us and yet to be discovered such as Worm holes being space that folds back on itself thereby providing a short cut, Unproven or currently unattainable new forms of propulsion such as a nuclear pulsejet drive, solar sail, ramjet using nitrogen atoms in space and a gigantic collector. Also to accept the time restraint limitation and hijack an asteroid, hollow it out so many generations can live inside and somehow propel it to the stars as well as employing suspended animation. There is also the problem that we may be the only intelligent life in the universe A reason given is that because no alien has visited us there is no way to travel the distances required. And so on and so on and so on ad infinitum. At this stage more problems and possible argued solutions and references to various authors to authenticate above could be presented but I don’t want to waste my time any further in this area by considering these matters because for me the solution is obvious and there seems to be no real reasons to dwell on any of these limitations, obstacles and restrictions. Despite all the reasons put forward as to why we have not been visited by or have heard from aliens I think it is because all the problems relating to them being able to travel at worthwhile speeds to make visiting us possible are relevant and insurmountable. Even if near light speeds were eventually possible for us there would be no such thing as direct communications back to earth. By the way I’d also hate to meet even a tiny piece of space matter on the way at those speeds.

    My proposal, (In my ignorance), is as follows.

    Firstly I would like to say that it seems to me that many of the great thinkers of our time have focused so much on the trees that they can’t see the woods. My proposal/assumption is initially not based on ‘what if’ and ‘fantasy’ but on observed trends in human society. History has shown that there are definite and obvious trends in human progress and development. I have also logically assumed that any alien race able to be contacted will be far ahead of us but will have as a natural progression followed our trends somewhat in their distant past.
    For example
    Audio devices have been developed and refined down through time to convey information and impressions such as drums, recording devices such as the Edison roll, then discs eventually with more than one audio channel followed by CD’s then surround sound etc. All the time with improvements in fidelity and quality and thereby realism. Video has also developed from monochrome movies and television to high definition digital and Imax 3D movies etc. The trend is always heading in the same direction being towards the virtual reality experience and therefore I think in time will be eventually indistinguishable from the original. It is ridiculous to think that progress in this area will now cease and that also an alien civilization will not be infinitely more advanced than us in these areas. Dr. Eleanor “Ellie” Arroway in Carl Sagans ‘Contact’ will not receive direction on how to construct a wormhole capsule with its associated massive support structure for one person only but on how to develop relatively cheap virtual reality devices for all. These devices will then enable us to utilize their subsequent transmissions to fully experience their civilization with the following advantages
    1. To effectively travel there without having to leave earth. Therefore a large number of people can potentially have this experience instead of the relative few even if travel to the stars was possible. During the experience the persons mind could believe that they were actually there and instigating the recorded experiences. It seems so impractical to send a few people to an alien’s planet again even if it were possible. The chances of conditions being suitable for humans would probably not permit a face to —? (Whatever they have to sense us) contact anyhow.

    2. Not having to overcome any of the problems relating to the laws of physics.

    3. No vast prohibitive costs would be involved.
    Perhaps by sending them our genetic code and (following their directions) and a collective memory of us they will construct a human like creature with suitable modifications to survive in their environment, record the memory of the experiences that it has and transmit them back for us to share and vice versa ! Thereby effectively achieving travel at the speed of light for these avatars. Also this could be a means of perpetuating human life far past any local inconveniences such as our sun eventually burning up the earth or some another local calamity.
    This is probably the standard mode of communication and entertainment with greatly advanced civilizations relegating our primitive television and movies to ancient long obsolete techniques. Perhaps there is a massive library of virtual reality data accumulated from many civilizations, as one receives data over many centuries and interchanges with another. Chain gang type transfer of this information may have taken place for hundreds of millions of years allowing us access to civilizations inwards and outwards to the edge of our galaxy and possibly beyond even though those civilizations may no longer exist in there original form. For this hypothesis I have as I said assumed that there are aliens able to be contacted but that the laws of physics restricting star travel cannot be overcome however advanced they are. Therefore it follows that because of the vast number of stars to check out via E.M. transmissions and the fact that they had enough contacts already to keep them busy the aliens would probably not respond to us until they heard from us first. Again assuming that they are greatly advanced from us, in all ways, their listening devices would be correspondingly advanced as they would have to be with everything on earth going digital and therefore becoming harder to distinguish. As our artificial E.M. transmissions have only been detectible for a relatively short number of years their acknowledgment /response has yet to reach us but as Arthur C Clarke wrote in his prequel to 2001 ‘I don’t think we will have long to wait’. Their motivation initially like ours would be to explore and discover other life forms. Something like Big Brother on TV but infinitely more interesting and worthwhile. Then bartering of data would take place with the hopefully nearby civilizations as we gained the ability to make similar discoveries to share with them and them us. Science won’t be the motivation for them as there would be nothing much we could teach them but exploration and entertainment will be. The more civilizations on the look out for other civilizations the more will be discovered. As distance would preclude any kind of physical threat the full sharing of everything will not be a problem unless there was a way they could or would send a malevolent virus of some kind along with there transmissions. I think what is holding many people back from these concepts is their prejudices in wanting to conceive some one being able to travel to another star system in person and is based on traditional ancient human exploration values. I further think that as society matures we will see no need for this to happen. Chances are that an alien’s environment would be hostile to us anyway and as previously mentioned difficult if not impossible to come face to——-? with an alien even if we could travel the distances. Adjusting to the concept of not actually having to travel to the aliens should be no more than like people wanting to believe the earth is and they are the centre of the universe and having to accept that it isn’t and that they aren’t. While others have publicly presented these ideas in bits and pieces I have seen no one combine all of them and come to the conclusions that I have presented. However if there is any relevance whatsoever in my proposals I am sure that many have, unbeknown to me, already done so. Perhaps these ideas have not been considered because they originate from fiction writers but as the song goes “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls” Instead of people devoting so much time and energy (such as Professor Hawkins) to the impossible, real effort and priority should be given on how to access the brain with information directly. Maybe we have a hint of such a method with hypnosis. Under hypnoses people can experience smells, emotions, touch etc that has been suggested to but not actually experienced by them. If we also accept that our eyes and ears might be able to be used in some way (other than the normal purpose that they serve) to access the brain directly with other information and that these certain input triggers yet to be discovered can supplement the present virtual reality Audio/Video experience.
    More and more people are becoming involved with the cyber world and many spend their working hours and even much of there leisure time interfacing with a computer. Many young people are very familiar with the Internet and with texting on mobile phones etc and are preyed on by predators and even severely affected by cyber bulling. The future will bring more involvement not less.

    It is prophesized by current trends that computer power (and therefore computer intelligence?) will continue to increase and far exceed the human brain in ability. Perhaps this is nature’s way of the taking people to the next level of evolution by allowing us the capacity to do so. As the brain cannot normally get much larger due to birth restrictions external information recording has increased and supplemented the brain starting with the written word and now the computer. Again this interfacing trend will logically increase to a more and more interactive human brain/computer situation and easier more direct ways of doing so. If direct access to the brain could be achieved study could become unnecessary as data could be accessed only as required thereby freeing up a person from many years of drudgery and unproductive contribution. I myself worked in Electronics and during my working career I would estimate that anything up to 90% of what I have learnt thorough my studies over the years has become obsolete. e.g starting with. log tables, slide rules, valve theory and even much of semiconductor theory and circuit analysis in my time having been made obsolete by I.C. manufacture and then microprocessor and computer controlled equipment.

    At this stage I fear I am possibly only writing this for myself as I doubt if anyone will be still reading what I have written. I will thereby conclude. Because of my enthusiasm for these ideas I am convinced that what I have written will prove to be correct and think that if someone were to consolidate and expand these ideas in a work of fiction they would be considered to be prophetic in years to come as was and is H.G.Well, Arthur C. Clarke and others. I’m sure that someone has already written accordingly but perhaps not sufficiently well enough to reach the masses. Finally consider that there was a time when so called wise men (and woman) thought the earth was flat and that most like herds of sheep blindly accepted it. However I suspect that also at the time even blind freddy with no special learning seeing a ship dip below the horizon as it sailed away and by observing the shape of the moon etc put two and two together and said in a stroke of brilliance ‘I fink the erfs round Mayte’ and therefore made a great discovery which would have then been immediately denounced by those that knew better.
    Yours Faithfully.

    Terry Clendon

    • 2 Spaceman's Hairdo July 13, 2012 at 11:16 am

      Thanks a lot for this Terry…a lot of interesting ideas…I especially like the bits about artificial intelligence and virtual worlds…..I have written quite a bit about these subjects. Here are a few articles to further the discussion:
      The Facebook Universe
      Gotta find some way outta here…
      God’s Nature
      Artificial Intelligence

      • 3 Terry Clendon July 14, 2012 at 4:24 pm

        Thanks a lot for your reply ‘Tricky’. Unfortunately I have a limited understanding of the concepts you expound but I will reread your writings and get back to you if I have questions – if I may.

    • 4 Chrissy October 23, 2013 at 9:21 pm

      Hmmm…very interesting Terry. Or perhaps space is really not what we perceive it to be. Our bodies cannot survive outside of earth without suits and equipment. I’m thinking there is a part of our brain that we haven’t tapped into that lets us see space for what it really is. Our “soul / being” would then travel without any boundaries. Since everything in existence is connected… just a thought though.

      • 5 Spaceman's Hairdo October 25, 2013 at 2:24 am

        Give this one a run Chrissy. Would love your take on it.

      • 6 Philip Russell October 25, 2013 at 3:52 pm

        Firstly, I’ve no idea why this got emailed to me but the illusion of life is something that I’ve believed in for years. I think that you are over thinking the matter. It seems to me that the physical world is an illusion and we have no way to explain what life is, however, we try to put it into terms that we best understand. I have a background in programming so I see life as a virtual reality program. As for the reason for our existence, I prefer to believe that it for self improvement. The virtual reality idea solves so many anomalies of life. When there is something that seems impossible to understand then it is either because there is no explanation or the reason has not yet been created by the program or the programmer (God). I prefer to believe that I am here for my benefit because the alternative is that I am not real. I discovered on the Internet, by searching for “is life a virtual reality” a convincing argument that we are probably experiencing one of many passes of a life simulation program being run by beings unknown. It’s convinving but I prefer to believe in a purpose for myself. The truth as I see it is that no, one past or present, can explain the reason for life or how it works. I go with what feels right.

  2. 7 Philip September 3, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    I too believe that life is an illusion; a virtual reality. It is the only way of making sense of the physical world, which is so impossible that it cannot exist. I came to this conclusion way before being aware of fiction like the matrix, but that triggered a deep recognition of the fact. The drawback is that there is no apparent benefit to knowing the truth because of the realisation that no one, including me has any idea about what is really happening. Perhaps we are simply on vacation. It amuses me that religious folk pay so much attention to religious texts written by men thousands on years ago, translated with errors and deliberately corrupted for political reasons. However, the irony is that believing in the illusion of life logically brings me to the conclusion that God or God’s must exist; it is just that none of us can know for certain. Some people need the guidance of religious texts and it does appear that they were originally written with good intent. It is worrying that the good messages are being corrupted.

  3. 8 ARNOLD SWARTLAND March 14, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    Gr8 post.

  4. 10 The Thor August 29, 2017 at 7:43 am

    I have been struggeling with these thoughts for a while and i think everything is mere illusion …our thoughts,our exictence …doesn’t matter if a “god” created us or we are simulated,the fact is all illusion
    And it’s killing me becasue no one gets me … kno things thay i have been feeling …i’d love to discuss with you on this matter,please if you reading this contact me

    • 11 Philip October 23, 2017 at 6:16 pm

      “…doesn’t matter if a “god” created us or we are simulated,the fact is all illusion”. –
      Don’t you think that the simulation/illusion theory tends to prove the existence of a superior intelligence, that we might call God?
      Assuming, life is an illusion, which has been proved to be extremely likely, then something is creating the illusion. It can’t be the Universe that created us (Big Bank) because that part of the illusion of physical life. The illusion has to have been simulated by an intelligence. God if you like, but not God as we know it.

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