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Let’s go back to this. Stand in the middle of the road, look straight, you seem to be standing at the base of a pyramid. Look back, same thing, as you walk towards the apex of this pyramid all you do is create new pyramid bases. As you try to go from one (the base) to another one (the apex) you only create new seemingly infinite bases. The only way to go from one to one is to add a fourth plane to create a square. Another seemingly perfect object that can only be broken up by triangles. Matter of fact as you fold a piece of paper into triangles it suggests perpetual motion. Even if you hold the square sheet of paper straight your folds will turn or churn in a spiraling motion. Grab a piece of square paper and try it. This is the ultimate perpetual motion—the same motion that powers our beloved great yellow sphere and the very force of creation—the universe. The triangle is the only thing that cuts up seeming perfection via imperfection and gives it a radiant life in the process. And you can see this by just standing in the middle of a road. You’re standing on a sphere but you’re seeing a pyramid. It’s right in front of our faces. That’s why we keep on telling the same stories. Warning: this one’s going to be long.

Remember the trinity thing—three becoming one. You try to walk to the point to prove that the road is equal but no matter what direction you face in the 360 degrees you stand on the base of the pyramid. It’s why the Egyptian Pyramids are square when seen from above (or below) and you can see the apex where we see an attempt to make the triangle form a perfect shape It does not quite work, but if you start connecting them in 360 degrees something amazing begins to happen. A grand expansion that never has to stop. No matter what size pyramids you introduce the shape ultimately will always be the same as long as you counter the shape with a similar, yet different one. It takes three to do this that’s why when you take that circle with the diameter of one and roll along the plane, after one full rotation it lands on 3.14159 and then some. That’s the perpetual motion engine powered by relative diversity. We need the triangle because it can do things the the circle and square can only dream of and it actually helps them get a little crazy. It’s a curious little bugger. It’s why you have lions and tigers. It’s why the Egyptian Pyramids are aligned the way they are. Remember, they do not sit next to each other in a row, they align at apexes and like the very structure of a pyramid itself they stagger in size, from large base, to smaller apex. This suggests relativity. Also, a square contains blatant clues that the only thing that breaks it down are triangles.

Four 90 degree angles are needed to do this. 90 times 4 is 360. The equation to the essence of everything is right there in the imperfection that breaks it up. Circle plus square divided by triangle equals sphere. It’s why we view the stars which are spheres as pointy radiant disks. We cannot look up at the sun because it is the most radiant energy we know and it is so close to us. But at night we can view hotter and bigger stars with the naked eye due to relativity. Relativity, which is the trick, or the imperfection, or the the triangle or even the Devil (remember, our stories are rarely literal, that’s why we run to theaters to see movies about humans doing remarkable things as opposed the mundane)—also gives the seemingly inert object life. Link squares infinitely at there 90 degree apexes and you can do so for infinity. Now throw a sphere on that plane. Once the sphere gets moving its relative shape and motion will cause the infinite plane to adjust for the mass going one direction and it will tilt. Toss a larger sphere on the plane and it will tilt in that sphere’s direction as it rolls and the smaller sphere will switch its direction and begin “chasing” the bigger sphere. Because the plane has been tilted by the spheres motion a neutral relative speed has been generated. The smaller sphere will never catch the a larger sphere because of the plane negates any advantage either shape would have on a level plane. Now if you throw a ton of objects on this infinite plane it will begin to wobble in a spiraling like fashion. Much in the way the universe works. Both objects now roll relative to their size which creates an equal, but different speed. But only if they are set into motion at the perfect time does this perfect relative distance occur. If I drop a bowling ball down a plane, and a tennis ball just a moment later the odds are the tennis ball would catch up and crash into the bowling ball. Now what if there was a dense force in the seeming middle that brought all the spheres back? Well all the spheres would crash into it as If the object was spherical itself then the objects would come to it and away from it, It would have to be of perfect relative mass and denseness to sit so seemingly perfectly. It would cause the objects to wobble as they orbited it, that’s why are orbits approximate the motion a circular dish makes when it falls on the floor in such a perfect way that it just wobbles to stop without breaking. If it doesn’t land perfectly it shatters into a bunch of triangular, jagged pieces. We would not be able to wobble on a plane but if the universe was spherical we could wobble all we want. Dense spherical objects need to radiate and they can only radiate within dense spherical objects (Infinite Radiant Core). The energy that powers and created our sun powers everything. When a star explodes its “death particles” become other stars. Now we have all of these big, bad, hot stars out there, but there seems to be just this one of a perfect relative size to get so many objects to literally lean back and pay attention to it.

Now what’s one thing you’re looking at right now that can see through all of this infinite churning?


No matter how fast or slow you and I are moving we shine a light on the same wall it hits the target simultaneously. But if we are carrying the same brand of flash light with the same brand new batteries and you are speeding by in a Corvette and I’m walking and we turn-on at the same time, your light will appear to get brighter as you will be approaching the wall must faster than I. What this demonstrates is that light must be of perfect relative size to break through the imperfection to create something to interpret all that is. If the sun burned as hot and fast as your light did there would not be life on this planet. And if it burned as dim and cool life would not have been possible either. It would have to do both simultaneously to get things working. It’s why you can have perpetual Summer along the equator and perennial chilly frigid winter at the poles while maintaining a fluctuating climate everywhere else. Our own planet because of the sun radiates just like the very thing that made it possible. And it radiates in mind-blowingly diverse ways. From balmy hot summer nights to subzero temperatures amongst solid, frozen terrain to violently wet and windy climates. All of this diversity helps to sustain the illusion. An illusion that terrifies us, mystifies us but we hold onto so dear and are afraid to lose because we are unsure of what came before and we don’t know what happens next. Here, let’s utilize a little comfort food to gain some solace.
These two ice-cream cones represent the very essence of the universe, but for the sake of this, they represent you. Actually, as you exist now, only the point where the tips meet represents you now. The infinitesimal origin (everything and everyone that is you) is represented by the cone to the left. What you will become post-death is represented by the cone to the right. The illusion is that you think you are only represented by that point in the middle because just like when you’re out in that street creating new pyramid bases with each step because that apex you perceive is really just another base. A base of a square. So the globe appears to be tiled by squares, but all we see are triangles because that is what breaks it all up and causes our perpetual motion. If you stand on the right side of the street facing south at one intersection and your friend stands on the left side on the same street facing north a few hundred feet away from you, you both will experience the same but opposite dimensional triangle. They would actually fit together like puzzle pieces. Now walk towards each other. Both of your self-sustaining pyramids churn against each other sending each other in different directions. Now stop when you reach his starting point and when he reaches yours. Don’t turn to face each other yet. Notice the triangle in front of you. Now turn point by point and watch as they seem to be radiate as you move. If you turn fast the effect is more dramatic (be careful, you may get dizzy). Once you are back facing your friend you can start the process all over again. Walk to each others starting points, turn walk back again. Just a simple hint to how this expanding universe of ours works.

The universe creates it’s infinite color scheme with just three colors: red, green and blue. Red, you can say represents the fire, blue the cool and green what you get when you blend the together. Start removing relative elements (CMYK) and you get, well, the diverse colors of this blog for starters.

666. Don’t Be Afraid
Teh corners of an equilateral triangle are 60 degrees each. 3 times 60 gets you 180. 180 is one complete turn. But notice how the triangle is made. Each time you round a corner you go down another plane. The 666 comes when you take out the 0s. or the nothingness that must be accounted for. that is why this number is considered evil. Think about it, three sixes, six threes, nine twos, eighteen ones. And then it stops or dies. But what if you account for nothingness as you must. What if we begin to dice it up with numbers “below” one? 6 divided by 0.01 gets you 600, six divide by 0.001 gets you 6000. Chop it up by 0.0000001 and you get 60,000,000. Do you see what the “evil” number is trying to hide? When you go “back” to nothing actually create something, a perpetual something, all lead by 6, the relatively perfect triangular number. It’s no more than an equilateral triangle itself, and look at the numbers that break it up, 3, 2 and 1, that damn trinity again.


And then there’s this—imagine the globe covered in pyramids all of equal size. The globe now looks like a spiked ball. Now imagine coming into contact with other spiked globes of many different sizes, because of the imperfection we will turn each other. But that would serve no purpose unless you throw a dense abject in the middle to prevent aggressive attractions such as this. Crazy thing is that the dense object uses the same churning force to make everything possible. Without the sun everything smashes into each other. That’s a savior if I ever thought of one.

Or what about this—they’re able to be assembled this way due to the triangular space in between each of them. Spheres can rest on each other to form triangular shapes but you cannot stack them to form a free-standing cube. Interesting, isn’t it? Oh, and then there’s the game of pool. Hit up your local pool hall tonight, play a round by yourself. Watch what happens when that cue ball hits the apex of the the other balls. Okay, that’s all. Just some stuff to think about.

Oh, please excuse the recent picture theme, I’m on an M.C. Escher kick right now.


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