The Tree of Life


Okay, here goes a quick one—you will find allusions to a Tree of Life in many of the world’s written and oral histories. These trees represent an interconnectedness amongst all life as the tree possesses branches that beget branches that beget other branches from a seeming middle. It also provides us with oxygen, the very gas we need to live. They also help to cut down on carbon dioxide. Harmful in abundance, but needed for photosynthesis. There it is again, imperfection making life possible. Look at the shapes of trees themselves. They’re a contained mess. More—you cut a tree down, its internal rings tell you its age. Crazy stuff.

Go outside and stand under a pine tree, what does it look like? Now look at the pine cones it produces. The Tree of Life represents the illusion. It’s why we put them in our living rooms on Christmas to represent the “birth” of our savior. Also, stand in the middle of a forest, notice the tree limbs above, they interlock forcing light to dance through the jaggedness. As a result, during the day the sun’s light appears to sparkle against the leaves on the forest’s floor. Look at it just right and it looks like the cosmos.

Get it now? I’m tired of talking about this stuff. I kid. I kid.


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