Just read this. Cells come equipped with everything they need to produce self-sustaining energy to carry out their varied tasks one of which amazingly is reproducing itself. As all of you loyal readers (I must laugh to hide the tears) know it is this bit that makes it possible for blood cells to travel about our intricate circulatory system. That same bit is also the reason why triangular blades pierce our flesh so easily. Okay, let me stop before I get going and you know what that will mean.

For those of you who dig my meandering tendencies you’re welcomed to come inside for a special little easter egg.

When you look at a cell view it as a model of the universe. You see the radiating core and all of that extraterrestrial business around it? Everything that “lives” is made up of those. You’re made up of a one-hundred-trillion “little” universes. Isn’t that wild? Just something to think about.


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