Somethin’ For The Girls About The Guys…


Men often think they are biologically predisposed to desire other women. This is why they stray. Here’s the truth. Men hi-jacked that biological predisposition out of fear. It’s an attempt to mask what’s really going on. The plot thickens inside.

A man leaves the womb of a woman, the woman cares for him. He grows older begins to “desire” other women. Eventually he settles or returns to the womb, but at this point he has asserted some dominance due to what the loving women in his life instilled in him. Depending on the relationship he had with his mother he will lead either a fulfilling, totally lacking or sporadic love life. Now this is where the fear comes in. Men fear being ineffectual and having to relinquish their dominance and let the woman take complete control. To combat this fear they “desire” other women because at least with them they can start over with the process of gradually revealing your insecurities.

The biological intent for this predisposition—this ability to leave the family fir extended periods of time and return without much emotional duress—is where we get our concept of men as the provider. Men need to be able to go out and hunt and gather for extended periods of time. If they longed too much for the family they left behind their concentration would be hindered and that would be severely detrimental to their tasks. This is why men get so involved in hobbies and watching sports. They are able to “check out” for passages of time and notice intricate details and nuances in something that appears simple to an uneducated spectator. Now since most modern men do not hunt or gather the instinct was subverted.

On one side there’s the intensely focused concentration and on the other there’s the “desire.” Men desire because they are insecure. Their most pressing insecurity stems from the fact that for most of them the only thing that stands in the way of them having to relinquish their dominance and go back to mother is another man. It’s why the more fearful men boast openly when they possess wealth and women. Fear. Fear. Fear. If a man desires and pursues many women then his relative chances of rejection and alienation are limited. It’s a relative numbers game. He thinks he does it because he likes big breast, but he keeps on calling you his “baby” and you call him the same. Now if you fall deeper in love this usually changes to honey or something less infantile sounding. This process is the man overcoming his fear thanks to your help. Every time he went away and came back you were there just like his mother used to be. He has no need to desire any other woman now.

And I’m certain many of you ladies out there are thinking of a woman you may know who possesses a lot of these traits. You may wonder if she’s confused. No need. She’s not confused. She is who she has to be because she has to be. It’s relative diversity.

yeah, it’s that

Of course Somethin’ For The Guys About The Girls is on the horizon. Look out for it.


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