How Is This Possible?

stacked balls

Due to the triangular imperfections. Remember, triangles possess flat planes. Two of them together form a square. You can balance two balls on top of one another if you place them at points where they are flat (or imperfect) which is all over! But you must line them up just right because one wrong move and the balls roll away. The ground which is rounded like the balls (remember, we occupy a sphere), but broken up by triangles as well, must also be considered when aligning the balls.

The squares the triangles create try to fight against their imperfect creator but end up just creating more triangles in the process. Imagine a sphere like this or this. You see what’s happening here? We are taking all of this rigid shapes and constructing a sphere. The triangle cuts up the seemingly perfect shapes. These shapes duplicate themselves in an effort to “chase” symmetry or wholeness. But this chase becomes infinite due to the imperfection.

Photo courtesy of this person.


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