Pi 4 Kids: “The Park Bench”


Circle and Square were relaxing at the park one warm summer day when all of a sudden they were approached by a gang of belligerent Triangles. These were jealous Triangles—they had grown weary of all of the talk about Circle and Square’s perfection. They wanted to prove to others that just because they possess only three sides they are just as “perfect” as Circle and Square. To make this point they attacked. They turned their malice on Square first.
One jumped on him and another attached himself to the left of him and the other to the left of him and the other to the left of him and so on and so on until they were spiraling all around him. The picture below is the shape they made as they churned into him trying to find his core. It’s a Spiral of Theodorus.
Since Square possesses rigid boundaries when the Triangles penetrated his borders they changed his shape into something else. The more and more that jump on turned hi m into all sorts of crazy shapes! Some of them you can see below!
Enough Triangles jump on and Square turns into a circle!

This is where we get all of those shiny pretty things the fairer sex loves so much. It’s ironic that you get these glassy stones from breaking down a masculine object. Another tidbit, squares do not exist in nature, only triangles. This is because once a square is broken up into triangles in order to return to being a triangle-less square (symmetry, wholeness) it must duplicate itself. As it does this triangle still does not leave it alone because to reproduce additional square it NEEDS the triangle to duplicate itself. What this does is make the square appear rounder and this why you “think” you’re sitting on a flat surface right now. Just think of relativity as the triangle or the thing that gets it all moving. Also, videogame graphics get better the more polygons they are made up of. The only time a videogame or a computer generated image for that matter will appear one-hundred percent real to us is if it was made up, like ourselves and our universe, of an infinite number of polygons. Back to the fable

After they thoroughly destroyed Square they went after Circle. One jumped on her and another attached himself to the left of him and the other to the left of him and the other to the left of him and so on and so on until they were spiraling all around her. As they moved inside to the “core” something interesting happened, Circle rolled off of the bench and onto the sidewalk. The more and more Triangles that jumped on made her go faster and even made her bigger!

rounded boundaries when the Triangles’ right-angles “penetrated” the surface they actually created the motion. These surface pyramids maintain the motion that gets its power from the churning triangles that break it down. Also the more members of the triangle gang jump on the bigger the circle gets. Back to the story.

Now things were “moving along” just fine until the rival Triangle gang showed up. They wanted a piece of the action so they all jumped on and began spiraling into Circle counter to the direction of the other gang. This caused Circle to stop moving, but because of the constant churning she still radiated. She was just too dense to move. The countering forces held Circle in one spot. Just like our sun! We, and the other planets, are more “single-attacker” circles. We go in whatever direction the triangles want us to.

This is the universe!

Females possess two X chromosomes. Men possess one of each. Why? Simple. Look at men as possessing both the circle (female) and the square (male). Men are the result of one man and one woman so it’s only natural for them to possess both. But what about women? Why do they only possess the X or circle or feminine chromosome? They are also the result of one man and one woman. Lets throw the chromosomes on a hat. One woman (two circles) has sex with one man (one square, one circle) Three feminine objects and one masculine. Not actually. Because of the imperfection they are the same. Sick the triangle on them and the square becomes a circle. How is sex determined from this? I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the square will always be trailing behind the three circles as they grow. This may describe why there are more men than women on the planet. The imperfection is what drives the whole child-bearing process along so it may just be a craps shoot. Four orbs, three feminine, a smaller feminine one of masculine origin fighting for ultimate denseness. Up until about sixteen weeks boys and girls are the same in the womb. This must be win the winner of the fight steps forth. If the orb of masculine origin wins this fight then that is nothing short of a miracle. He had to go up against three larger female orbs to get there. This is why we celebrate the births of boys over girls and this also explains sexism. I am not entirely sure about all of this, but I think what this shows is the tenuousness of gender. Think about it. The masculine chromosome can me made feminine. What does that say about the sexes? Isn’t gender just an illusion, much like life is? This is where gender confusion comes from. This also explains the “gay gene.”

The virgin birth story is the story of how the square evolves with the help of triangles, but not the circle. But wait? Where’s Mary? She’s the circle right? Remember the masculine square by adding the triangle becomes a circle. The triangle “impregnates” Mary. Her divine origin is the masculine cosmos or square, but as we know the cosmos are theoretically spherical due to the imperfection cutting them up which causes the expansion or radiance. Think about it. The cosmos gave “birth” to your “sun.” But remember, both of these things get their “life” from the imperfection which makes them spherical (feminine). The life is the spiraling motion the triangle creates.

The Egyptians knew this. So did the folks who built Stonehenge. They had to understand this technology because they utilized it to build the structures that still puzzle us today. We look at the Pyramids, Stonehenge, and Easter Island and wonder, how did they get those big-ass rocks to those odd places? Well, for starters they figured out the radiant energy of the universe. Maybe if we put our heads together we can do the same. We were kind of getting there with the nuclear bit, but it is unreliable, too easily manipulated by fear. But I do believe something in between that and solar power is what will be the big new thing in energy.

Oh, sorry Christians, back to what I was saying. The triangle who we think is imperfect (unequal) or evil (it possesses points) must be forcefully mitigated. But without it, we do not exist. We need it. That’s why they had to eat the fruit! The virgin birth comes from the fact that the triangle without any assistance already breaks up the circle and the square. No two forces need to merge to create its radiance. But this is wrong. A triangle is two becoming one. Without the base the triangle cannot “click-clack” like it needs to, this is what gives it its driving force. It’s two-to-one. One man, one woman make one child, or sometimes multiple “seemingly” identical children. The “Octomom” and John and Kate Plus Eight are sensations because they are reminders of our story. All these babies from one person atone time? How is that possible? We wonder what we would do if that happened to us. But why? It’s just a hint. We wonder because we have to wonder in order for us to interpret what we’re seeing as a hint. Remember, all a hint is is pondering about a soon to happen event. In essence it is a premonition. Look, you just got psychic all of a sudden. You see dark clouds above your head, you hear some thunder. What do you say?

“Hey honey, it looks like it’s go’n rain!”. What happens?

It rains just like you said. Why? Because it’s rained before, you’ve seen it happen. You remember the signs. At one point someone may have even sat you down and schooled you on it because they too have seen it before. Now, when you see the hint you don’t even think about it. You just know. This is pondering in relative time. We always view and interpret the hints in relative time. If I see a man kill another man and the killer then sees me and then I run. Once I get to spot where I think I’m safe I will shudder with fear wondering when he’s going to find me and kill me too. Our eye contact was the hint that is going to take some time to see to fruition. He could find me minutes after, days after or never. But I will always have him on my mind and as the years progress the relative fear subsides. It’s how warring nations later become allies.


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