A Room With No View?


What would happen if you grabbed a newborn the moment it popped out of its mother and put it in a tiny room with a mirror? Would the baby “see” itself in the mirror or would it be unaware of its own existence due to the absence of relativity?

Descartes posited I think, therefore I am. Your thoughts are the result of infinitesimal origin. The reason you do not know “everything” about your past “lives” is due to the relative small size of the infinite fragments that create your thoughts. You know the basics because they are the most consistent. For a man to wonder about the origin of his existence is ubiquitous that is why you do it so are any number of our wants, needs and desires.

If a relative “large” number of your body’s fragments belonged to athletes then you too will be an athlete or if a relative “large” number of your body’s fragments belonged to an Asian person you too will be Asian. We also get our “talents” this way. A talent is no more than a perfect storm of exemplary fragments coalescing. It’s relatively rare, that’s why we celebrate them. This is really just a simple way to explain the complexity of this.

I don’t know what exactly will happen to the baby in the room, but I’m sure it will pop into my head soon and at that point I will come back and edit this post. One thing I do know is that the baby at “birth” was endowed with all of the hints it needs to sort its way through the universe so perhaps even if we deprive it of relative diversity it will eventually “get it.” Maybe this child will “get it” in ways we cannot understand.

Photo courtesy of this lady.


2 Responses to “A Room With No View?”

  1. 1 Wasted Miracle June 30, 2009 at 5:18 am

    How high were you when you wrote this?

    • 2 Spaceman's Hairdo June 30, 2009 at 9:54 pm

      Relatively, just a little. I kid. I kid. I should run over to your blog and see what you’re ranting about today. You’re turning into a mid-thirties version of Dana Carvey’s Grumpy Old Man character. Pretty soon you’ll be starting all of your sentences with, “In my day…”

      Sorry folks, just old friend trying give me some grief. Thanks man, needed the laugh. I do read over these posts sometimes and think folks must be wondering what psychedelic cocktail of substances I must be on.

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