Fractal Geometry


Benoît Mandelbrot
is one of the baddest cats out there. Not just because he’s responsible for the beauty you see above but because of how he revolutionized number theory by throwing out the arbitrary number symbols themselves. Look at your hand. What do you see? You see five fingers, five objects. If I place six apples and three oranges in front of you, you know the difference immediately. If someone asks you what fruit do you have more of—all it takes is a passing glance to determine this. If you are one, much like myself, who cannot stand math please come inside. I might be able to help you out.

Numbers are not your friends, triangle, circle and square are. Circle represents 1, triangle represents 3 and square represents 4. But where’s 2? It takes 2 to make 1. That’s what the triangle and square do when you combine them. They turn into a circle. If folded at the “cuts” the triangle/square combo form a sphere. A sphere that will connect at dense “poles” that will counter each other in the direction of their spiral motion. This explains the whole clockwise, counter-clockwise business of the poles.

Think about the Park Bench story. When the Triangle gang jumps on Square they transform the rigid square into a circle.

These infinite triangular pieces form everything in the universe because they power the evolutionary process. We even use them to design “mini” universes called videogames.


Beautiful, isn’t it? And it’s all made up of fractals. Really, it’s just no more than a glorified game of chess.

To recreate a true “photo-realistic” virtual world we would need computers that could produce an infinite number of fractals. The more fractals the denser the object becomes and the realer it seems. At that point the image will not exist on the screen, but become three-dimensional. Crazy thing is we would actually be able to touch it! This is the big stuff guys!

Some cool stuff:
The Julia Set
The Monster Group
The Cantor Set
NOVA: Hunting the Hidden Dimension

Halo pic courtesy of this guy.


14 Responses to “Fractal Geometry”

  1. 1 Dov Henis March 24, 2010 at 9:39 am

    Fractals From Inflation To Life

    For a convincing integrated conception of Fractals From Inflation To Life
    look at the following notes, or wait until the 22nd century:

    On RNA Cell Faring Programs

    Cosmic Evolution Simplified

    28Dec09 Implications Of E=Total[m(1 + D)]

    03.2010 Updated Life Manifest

    Dov Henis
    (Comments From The 22nd Century)

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