Death As A Hint


I’m traveling in a plane headed to a destination a half-hour away and I’m watching an episode of Good Times. You are in a car headed to the same destination and you are watching the same episode of Good Times as I. When the episode ends I’m at my destination. However, you are only a half hour into what is going to be about a three hour drive. Obviously we know this happens because I’m moving faster than you. We finish watching the show at the same time, but where we are in space is different due to the relative speeds we are moving.

Now let’s say I “die” the moment the Good Times opening credits begin playing. My body will immediately begin to break down. You are doing the same. You have “aged” a half hour and in a relative sense so did I. However, you get to experience the show as well as the destination and I will not. If I am placed in a warm climate my body will decompose or vaporize “faster” than in a cool climate. If you toss me in a fire I’ll vaporize immediately. My vapor will travel on the smoke and right back into the atmosphere where it travels on the air and is breathed in by multiple living creatures and is absorbed by porous and seemingly solid objects. Remember no object is 100% dense. Even ice is porous that’s why it appears white and gets bluer as you get deeper. This is why the vapor of everything is absorbed by everything via fractals. These infinite relatively diverse three-sided shapes break up everything and because of this they make everything relatively porous. If your body is frozen in ice it takes a longer time for your vapor to escape hence “preserving” you. The denser the ice the better the preservation. The same thing happens if your body is submerged in a bog or resides in a humid environment. The relative density of these environments relatively alter your vaporization.

Death exposes relativity because for a moment we seem to stop evolving. Because of this theoretically Jimi Hendrix is “younger” than Snoop Dogg.


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