Density is The New Black


The reason we exist is due to our density. Remember the relative densest point is where the “big bang” happens that caused everything to radiate out. The universe at one point was incredibly dense, actually, it still is!

If we possessed a ship that could travel faster than the universe’s expansion we may hit a dense light-less “wall.” This wall isn’t the end of the universe. It’s just too dense to penetrate. If we hang out for a bit we’ll notice the dense wall expanding away from us. Hell, if we hang out for a bit more we run back into our own galaxy! Of course we would have to put ourselves in suspended animation which would be a kind of spiraling faster-than-light vortex incubator. It would be this wild miniature black hole in a human-sized box that would keep our matter relatively separate as its spun us around faster than the speed of light and at a designated time the machine would slow to a speed consistent with the “time” the ship is currently occupying. Yeah, this would be an amazing piece of technology.

If we blasted off in a ship that moved faster than the expansion we would have made a straight frozen rope bee-line to our destination thus breaking through the spiraling relativity vortex. The earth that we will eventually meet will be either an ancient one or a futuristic one. To travel in “time” we don’t need to light speed ourselves to the wall and then wait. We can simply fly into space to a point and then turn back around and fly right back. The “date” we return on will be relative to our distance traveled. We can check out the dinosaurs or future civilizations. We would just have to determine distances and points to launch from. That calculation may come from measuring the rate of universal expansion. I don’t know.

The way you perceive the world around you is due to density. Remember this exercise? Each eye perceives two dimensions but together they do not perceive four. That is due to the inherent imperfections in all of the little circles that make up our eyes. it’s also due to the way we imperfectly perceive the world. We perceive color the same way a prism diffuses it. The imperfect fractals that make up our eyes allow light to reflect off of it and the “colors” around us. We see everything through our dense pupil. The pupil sends the information to our densest and most impressive organ–the brain. That’s where it is also processed. We determine what color we’re seeing based on what it calculates. The reason we do not see four dimensions is because–actually, I’ll spare you part of the explanation. Just go back out in the middle of the street again and look at that fractal staring right back at you. Now you know it possesses no apex it just seems that way. Now cross your eyes. If there was an apex you would see it while your eyes were crossed. Instead an “X” is formed by the left and right sides of the road. If you were on a spinning disk while you had your eyes crossed looking at the seeming apex you would see the perpetual spiral vortex of relativity. It would hurt like hell though. Adding that much density to your vision would cause an explosion (i.e. a massive headache). Your vision is already dense enough for you to perceive the other dense and not so dense objects that occupy your world. You can also experience this phenomenon if you cross two fingers and touch an object it will seem like you are touching two objects because you “churned” your fingers to make your sense of touch more dense. By being able to split senses you are able to see the illusion. When you cross your eyes you see two of the same objects and something that “doesn’t exist” in the middle. And one object is “denser” than the other; a male and female or positive and negative image. When you straighten your eyes you bring these “two” objects together in a “big bang.” Throw in the finger trick and reach out to touch the object and you’ve basically pulled back the wool on the whole thing. Each finger will seem to touch “one” of the objects. Fascinating stuff because it’s a fascinating hint.

The point above your nose where the “inner” dimensions intersect to make things appear whole is the same phenomenon exploited to make 3D movies. The reason the images are not tangible is because they are made up of particles that are not relatively dense enough for us to touch them. It’s why a feather floats on air but a bowling ball doesn’t. It’s relative density. We can only touch things that are dense enough to touch. A piece of foam is less dense than our hands so it feels “light.” A cinder block is denser than our hand so it feels “heavy.” The density of matter determines how much of it we see. It’s why apparitions seem to move through walls (never seen one, but like everyone else, I know folks who have). Now this is completely out there, but hey, we’re having fun. If a body is allowed to decompose or become less dense, like how if you heat water it vaporizes. Keep a pot on the stove too long and the water seems to disappear. It hasn’t, it’s now just all around you. The ghost you see is their vapor. Remember, nothing can be broken down to nothing. When we bury people after “death” their body occupies a perfect place to vaporize and then spiral around the coffin a bit, depending on its denseness, and then reform. Now since this vapor is less dense than its previous form the shape appears “ghostly” and because it’s less dense it can pass through matter if the matter. Of course the less dense the matter is the easier it is to pass through. Contrary to popular opinion, ghosts don’t glow like they do in the movies, you would need to add a light source for that. Ghosts are just those fleeting things in front of you and in your periphery. Now ghosts are not common occurrences. Their actually pretty phenomenal. To produce a three dimensional apparition the vapor matter has to find itself again. The rest of their vapor is exploring the universe somewhere. The idea of a body not being able to rest may be due to the fact that the ghost refuses to dissipate and continue its infinite evolutionary journey. And of course their is usually a reason for this. Now I’m not sure about the ghost thing, but I am sure about the vapor thing. Look at the clouds in the sky, they’re nothing but floating pieces of water bodies. In essence, “water ghosts.” If water vapor can become clouds then why can’t we? Ice does this too. Dense air or cold air makes water vapor dense. As we all know, no two snowflakes are alike and they are shaped that way so that when they pack together they become firm. Much in the same way drops of water are shaped the way they are so that when they join together they interlock like dynamic Lego blocks to form a firm surface that “exists.” The crazy thing is that the same water that creates the clouds via droplets becomes that jagged complex fractal we call a snowflake. It’s proof of the universal equation. When dense air “divides” it we get the solution which is fractals or triangles. The only thing besides itself a shape can be broken down by is fractals, relatively diverse fractals. Just think about it.

Air has to “bang” too and when it does you get swirling wind. It is dense air that’s why it feels cold relative to the environment where it exists. Cold air is so dense that you literally feel it. When you are in freezing environment and there is no wind–the moment the dense air touches your skin or any matter it lights it up. It’s air that is denser than the surface of our skin. That’s why when we breathe it we feel its jaggedness in our mouths. When this swirling wind gets dense enough and combines with water vapor it can create some pretty amazingly violent destructive forces. The wind and vapor becomes so dense that when it churns it sounds like a thousand jet engines. And the way they’re built makes them vicious perpetual motion machines.

Hot air is “relatively” the same thing. Hot air is dense but the sun alters its relative density. The incredible density of the sun makes it radiate what is consuming it. It’s why when we look at the sun or a bright light we see fractal arms sticking out in 360 degrees. So this big dense ball makes the air hot or radiant because the air in effort to protect itself from it has to radiate back as hot as it relatively can. This makes the environment seem scorching hot. It is such a radiant churning scorching mess that it actually creates light. Also, the longer something burns the blacker it gets. Just like our many relative complexions. Our darkest originate from where it is most radiant the most time. It’s this relative triangle that is dicing every damn thing up and it sustains itself on these seeming “banging” radiant cores or nuclei. Go boil a pot of water, notice all of the nuclear reactions of relative sizes exploding into vapor.

We breathe air to “live” because it is less dense therefore certain things can travel on it like vapor. Like the vapor from every dead creature, plant, even a car battery. We breathe all of this end. The swirling patterns of air does this and we take it in in a swirling matter. We take in all of this relatively diverse vapor. The same way we inhale a narcotic to get high. Sudden thoughts can come to you just by breathing in all of the relative diversity. It’s just like smoking a joint. Marijuana’s dense makeup is what gets you high. When you bring something dense like fire which is really dense air, that’s why it behaves the way it does, to marijuana its vapor becomes incredibly dense. You inhale that density and it feels heavy on you. It’s like “artificial” gravity. The way the dense spiral mass behind your eyes takes in things is via air. Sound travels on it which is no more than vapor we produce that pulsates out of our mouths and attaches to the air. This is why when you are outdoors in a crowd of people and someone calls your name you cannot make out exactly where they are calling from. It also explains how two speakers can create a spatial three-dimensional sound.

Here’s the scene: it’s Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house. The kitchen is buzzing. Several generations of women are preparing the food. The house is now awash with a bounty of scents. The guys in the living room watching the game are literally intoxicated by the plethora of aromas. They start to salivate. If they were hungry (absence of density) they get hungry, if not they instantly become (a “bang” of realization that you need to add density to your stomach). If they are full (stomach relatively dense enough) the scent may make them feel slightly ill. All this happens because scent is a dense vapor. It is the product of relatively greater radiance being suddenly added to a cooler object. The scent of the peach cobbler is the vapor being released (similar to decomposition) from the radiating food. Now since the peach cobbler is made up of relatively diverse objects the scents will be diverse. But the object that is the most relatively dense will dominate the bouquet. When you add relatively intense radiance to objects in a confined space you create a radiant bang that has to explode from its confines violently. When it does it travels on the air to our noses that perceive radiant density in a relatively similar way to taste. That is why they are linked together. When an incredibly radiant object hits your relatively cooler tongue it immediately overwhelms it. If the object is of a relatively cooler radiance than our tongue it cools our mouth. That is why when you eat ice cream in a hot summer day it seems to cool you down. It is contrasting radiance. But what does the sun do. It melts it or vaporizes it and since ice cream has a relatively different consistency it vaporizes in a relatively different way. But over the time the sun will reduce it and then return it to a solid once again.

Water is a funny substance because it has a force but you can run your hands through it effortlessly. Well, only when its not that dense. Remember there is a long road from glass of water to ice. If the water is cool it is more dense and therefore has more of an impact. Like the water shot from a hose. In order to shoot the water out you must remove as much of the relatively less dense air from it. Now you get wet when water droplets break up on your skin. But since your skin is more dense than the water very little of it penetrates you so it slides down and collects back together where it becomes denser and drips. Water that is really dense and cool is a tremendous force. In concert with dense air or wind it can cause serious harm. The dense wind swirls into the dense cool water. The surface is so dense that not much of it penetrates. But the bits that do stir it up. Enough of this and you get a Tsunami. A massive unrelenting dense explosion of dense water. When it crashes against other dense surfaces it breaks up and literally knives through lesser foes that’s why it hurts when it hits you. A Super Soaker water-gun works so well because the pumping action removes air from the water tank creating pressure due to the fact that not as much air is breaking through the surface of the water. It takes a relatively powerful motion to suck out the water from the air, that is why it gets tougher as you go along because you are trying to pull the air out of the deeper, denser water towards the bottom of the tank. You pull the trigger to release it and the dense water powers out.

Oh, and space is just really really dense air that’s why we can’t breathe it. Our weight is determined by our density. That is why we need an environment of relative density to keep us from floating into space. The sun and our orbit maintain this. If there were a planet that orbited the sun faster than the speed of light it would appear to us like our planet’s evolution in fast-forward. If it orbits retrograde then we see our evolution in rapid rewind. Venus, orbits retrograde and has a year longer than her day. She is is a “slower” manifestation of this phenomenon. When we look at Venus and Mercury we are looking at basically the “baby pictures” of ourselves and our moon. We’re also looking at our “graduation pictures” as well. Big stuff, I know. Oh, and look at the stars in our universe. They’re just like the bubble is the boiling pot of water. Infinite radiant cores. When they become too dense they explode into vapor. The vapor becomes new stars.

We get our relative density from the sun. Our orbit is so “perfect” that it keeps the densest matter adhered to the ground. But it has to be this way or else all of this relatively diverse life would not exist. Other planets aren’t as lucky. Well, maybe Venus might get a turn if she were to ever be positioned between two suns for a spell.

One of the reasons I posit that life is an illusion is because we only exist because of our seeming fractal denseness. We only seem dense due to relativity. This seeming existence of ours is just a seeming radiant nucleus and as we see in our own world it bangs a lot!

Drop us in a black hole and we vaporize and spiral down the black hole and our matter will break up into an infinite number of tiny bits. If we could create a machine that creates a vortex that moves faster than light then we could conceivably teleport ourselves to other locations. If we can get remotely close to harnessing “green” energy like this we can forget about oil. Talk about a new wealth for every person and every nation! Okay, sorry, gotta little Utopian there.

If you are standing in front of an intensely radiant object like a light, depending on its density and distance it will pass through you and leave a dense relief relative to where you’re standing. If a bright light is above you, almost touching you, the relief will appear larger than you actually are because of your relative closeness to it. If you are “blocking” the radiance it passes through what it can “see” of you. But you are not really blocking it because the closer you get to the intense radiance the harder it is to look at. Light is really kicking YOUR ass (wrap your hand around a flashlight and see what happens). Your large shadow seems fuzzy because it’s radiating “brightly” due the relative closeness. If you walk away from the light your shadow begins to shrink since your distance has changed and the light can see more of you. Your shadow will become more defined as a result. Since the shadow is light passing through you to make a relief it appears dark because it’s passing through quite a bit of dense matter in the process. The same thing happens during an eclipse. It’s also why when you look at an intensely radiant object and look away you see its ghost. The light is denser than your eye so it penetrates it and leaves a temporary mark. It fades when you return your eyes to relatively cooler sights.

Sorry folks, I really like this theory. It would make an awesome sci-fi scene. What if our planet is warming because it is preparing to radiate like the sun. But that is billions upon billions upon billions of years away. The process is going to be gradual and in the process the Earth will expand to the size of the sun. The sun is preparing us for this. There will probably be a nice solar storm that causes us some damage. Kind of like impregnated us a bit. A virginal conception because it is the radiance that plants the seed. Everything is going to start sorting itself out to make this process happen. It will be a grand battle. That’s why you see these “bangs” like tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes. As the sun heats us up and makes us more dense in the process we will expand to accommodate all of the life booming on this planet. We’re going to start moving away from each other. There are going to be some pretty big earthquakes as the earth opens up to allow for new ruptures where it’s “seeming” plasma core can radiate out. The dense core is going to have to churn like (relative) crazy to facilitate this expansion. As the planet gets warmer we will get warmer. This will lead to passionate conflicts and passionate love. This process is going to take a lot of time and we will evolve a lot in the process. There may be a race of humanoid dinosaur people around this time. Our current technology that needs to remain cool to work will evaporate, but we’ll get it back. As the earth expands and these dinosaurs begin to occupy the Earth that’s when a really big bang happens. Knocks them all out. Then the planet radiates and then billions of years later we get so big and so dense that when we try to force the old sun to orbit us and to win the fight for Venus and Mercury it explodes into dust. Our moon will be lost in the battle, it’s shards will impact helping to open up her dense atmosphere so the new sun can break her open with radiant bodies of water. Cool her down just enough so that she can sustain ore diverse life. The dinosaurs had their turn under the two suns that’s why they were so massive. All that heat caused them to expand but still remain relatively lean. When the old sun explodes we get ready to bring ourselves “back.” To do this we are as radiant as ever. Much more radiant than our current sun because we had to make ourselves denser to defeat him as well as fertilize Venus, another virgin birth. We fertilize her via our radiance. Venus’ day is longer than its year, that’s because right now she is super dense. If you break through her “gowns” you can correct that because she will become cooler and as she does we will too in order to get to the right relative heat to make life possible. This is a grand creation story right here isn’t it. Kind of like the ones our superheroes and religions possess. The dead sun flies off into the galaxy to form things like our Milky Way and the very nebulae that created it. Another virgin birth. But it’s really the story of infinity powered by infinite seeming dense cores.

Man and woman are a relative trick, but a trick that must exist in order to create the churn. Remember, how often male becomes female and female begets male and so on. The difference between the sexes is a hint. Gay people are an even “biggerhint.

Once we start messing around with these we’re going to be headed toward an Egyptian-like level of technology and understanding about ourselves and our universe. Some people are scared of it because they have to be. It’s unfamiliar and they don’t understand it.

The same way we make light we make life (second hyperlink not work-safe). When you look at someone through your own light diffusers we look them right in the eye. That is the most powerful connection we make. It is so powerful it makes some feel uncomfortable if done at inappropriate times. When we make eye contact we are cutting through spiraling fractal space to connect with each other. By just looking at each other we defeat relativity. But relativity is not the bad guy, without it nothing exists.


5 Responses to “Density is The New Black”

  1. 1 Tony May 4, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    We can’t breathe in “space” because it doesn’t contain oxygen, it’s a vacuum, not because it’s too “dense.” Also, we don’t breathe air because it’s less dense, we breathe air because it contains oxygen and we need oxygen for many of the metabolic processes in our body. Also, air temperature isn’t determined by density, it’s determined by kinetic energy. Cold air feels “cold” because it has less kinetic energy than us and we lose/radiate heat to our environment to reach an equilibrium. Likewise, hot air contains more kinetic energy than us, and radiates heat toward us to reach equilibrium. Why does this equilibrium happen? Because of entropy, not density.

    • 2 Spaceman's Hairdo May 4, 2010 at 3:27 pm

      Hey thanks for that Tony. This is an old messy post and I keep it up to show the evolution of ideas. It’s follow-up was so much of a mess that I was forced to take it down. I’ve tackled this subject a bit better in later posts, but I’m sure I’ll call those “messy” too in months to come. Once again thanks for the addition.

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