Microsoft’s Project Natal

Microsoft’s Project Natal is going to lead to a revolution in gaming. The system interprets how your limbs move in fractal space and essentially makes you a human controller. If you kick at the ball on screen as it approaches you, the ball will respond relative to how “hard” you kick it. This is going to get really good when we develop tangible fractal technology which will lead to ridiculously dense artificially created objects that we can feel and hold. Yeah, it’s possible. Come inside for more.

The objects will not be as dense as “real” objects, just dense enough to be picked up and manipulated. Initially it would be tantamount to holding a holographic sponge. You would be able to make divots in it with little pressure. But just imagine playing Halo and actually holding a glowing Energy Sword in your hand and slaying three-dimensional enemies all without wearing glasses of any kind. In order to create this we would need—

Okay, I’m stopping here. No more giving this stuff away. This is the one that could get my family out of the poor house! That’s a hint Microsoft. Drop me a line!


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