3 to 1


The concept of the trinity or fractal is everywhere. The idea that you need three to get one is also ubiquitous. That’s why we have leap years. After three “regular” years we get one abnormal year with an extra day. 3 to 1. The Aum or Om, three syllables coming together to form one. Look at the palm of your hand. Notice the upside down V with the faint line underneath on your left hand. Notice the denser line on your right (get it?) hand. When your hands come together the line becomes more dense, but so do the two that make the V. This suggests the perpetual motion of the churning triangle and this may be part of the reason why we put our hands together when we pray.

You can see the trinity when you cross your eyes and look at an object. It splits in two, but one object is denser than the other. Also notice the line above the upside down V on your left hand is longer than the one on your right. When you put your hands together it doesn’t line up like the trinities. Why?

Because it is imperfect. It’s a hint. You think 1 is perfect but as we know it is not. The base of the triangle coming together proves this. Also if you rub your hands together you create friction, the faster you rub them the hotter they get.

Form the OK symbol with your hands. Three fingers stand, two form a circle and it’s real easy to do. No pressure on the hand at all. Now throw up the peace or victory sign. Two fingers stand to form a V. In order to this though the thumb must hold down the pinky and ring finger. This creates a lot of tension on the back of the hand because peace is a hard thing to achieve. Check out how you have to do it:

Let’s say you punch me in the face as hard as you can. I get up, dust myself off and ask you why you punched me. You do it again. I get up and ask the same question. You do it again. This process repeats until you get tired and realize the absurdity of your actions. We normally call things like this civil rights movements.

Okay, back to playing with your hands. Grab each of your wrists. There’s only one way to do this so I’m not going to explain how. Now with your right hand pull your left wrist. Notice how easily you are able to move it. Next time try to fight the movement. Notice how both sides of your body tense up and nothing moves and your body shakes as if it is about to explode. If you continue doing this your body will become warm.

Next up, place your palms together and rotate one hand clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. Your upside down Vs radiate in the process and your hands become incredibly warm incredibly fast and what’s the deal with all that moisture?

Interlock your fingers, but don’t clasp them together. Notice the shapes made between each finger. Also, notice the “infinite” pattern of light and dark. Now clasp them together and look at the infinite density. You have just created the “seeming” core.

Here’s the coolest one, but you’re going to need a friend. Face each other cheek to cheek (common greeting in many cultures, it represents the churn by the way, just like the handshake, a kiss, or even touching noses to see the middle “all-seeing eye.”). Now hold hands. Put your other arms out. Next, lock your inner legs. Make sure the “core” between you is tight, now walk forward. I’m not going to explain what happens. You just have to do it for yourself.

That’s all the universe needs to make all of the colors we see. Simply amazing. A trinity of colors to make an infinite amount of colors.

Look, I know some of you are slowly backing away from your computers right now. But all I’m doing is asking “why” this things are the way they are. It’s easy just to grab a religious text and go with whatever it says. Go to a church and nod my head to whatever he says. But I don’t like things easy. And if you are a person who considers yourself devout you still must wonder why your Creator put these little trinities on your hand. Still not convinced? Check this out—

Look guys, I’m sure many of you have wondered why your faith is so strong. Why you know that a God exists no matter what evidence people put in front of you—you just somehow KNOW that God exists. What do you think is happening? Maybe this is happening.

Also notice the shape Jesus makes in most of the iconography where his crucifixion is depicted, it’s obviously triangular. Also notice how his head is slightly tilted to one direction, typically towards the light. We tend to do the opposite of this. Watch people standing at bus stops or in their cars on a hot day. Then there’s that crown of thorns and the trinity of birth, death and resurrection which is just the story of infinity. Remember, like everything else, we are “born,” then we “die” and are later “resurrected.” The tricky bit is the fact that there is no “life” in this trinity. That’s because it doesn’t really exist. It’s all just infinite relative diversity.

3.141459 and then some. A trinity and then an infinity. This is the one no one can deny.


Oh, for you tech guys who want to see an aural interpretation of the trinity, check this out. You’re going to need two sets of speakers. Set up two speakers, sit in front of them and enjoy the rich spatial goodness of stereo sound for a bit. Make sure you are sitting a bit away from the two speakers so that you form a triangle with you as the apex. Now take just the monaural speaker of the other set and plug it to the same music source. Next place it right in the middle of the two speakers.

Play your music.

It sounds flat. What’s up? You now have a left and a right with one mono source in between and all you get is one flat sound. Why can’t the other two create space anymore? The sound is flat and dense because the central speaker merges the two. To make the sound radiate again you would need to put the middle speaker right in front of you while leaving the others behind. It gives you a chance to really hear the distinction by creating an arrow that points directly at you. When you record vocals for an album you make sure they’re flat to punch right through the space created. You give them gravity which allows the production to wash over the listener. The flat voice grounds them.

If there are actual people reading this please help me out and post some other examples of trinities. I purposefully left out so many. This is a group effort folks. That’s why I chose to put all of this stuff out via a blog. I get tired of talking to myself all day. I’ll give you a bonus one to get things going.
Isn’t that awesome. Imperfect to breathe, perfect to speak.

Photo courtesy of this guy.


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