More Craziness…


Something keeps telling me we are going to evolve into these guys. Dinosaurs seem massive to us because they occupied an Earth that was relatively larger than the one we exist on today. So the creatures weren’t “actually” massive relative to the planet they existed on. To set up for our turn in the sun they had to be wiped out. The battle did that. I could be totally wrong about all of this, but it’s just too much damn fun.

So the dinosaurs were wiped out in the battle and then the new sun prepares to break up Pangaea so that we can do our thing. But then billions of years later we evolve into them. It’s just an infinite cycle. It has to be billions of years because we cannot fathom billions of years. It’s just relativity making sure we don’t wrap our heads around it so when we dig up the fossils we scratch our heads in wonderment. But they should seem familiar to us and every other living thing “currently” occupying this planet. In really warm areas you can even find vestiges of these grand beasts.

We’re not orbiting the sun just for the sake of it. Eventually we will be part of a nuclear reaction too and we will defeat our sun. We will in essence crucify him. But we are the resurrection. I know this one is a little out there. But then again, it has to be. It’s billions of years away.

Photo courtesy of this guy.


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