Your Relative Growth


Go look at a picture of yourself from ten years ago and then go look in the mirror. You look like a different person don’t you? But ten years ago you occupied the same body so obviously you are still the “same” person. Right? Kind of.

Your brain is capable of subverting relativity after time has elapsed. It is able to look back on ten years in less than ten minutes. But it still gets fooled into thinking that it exists in the present. Here’s the cool thing, your brain is traveling and as it travels through your evolving body it experiences “more” relativity and this is where we get wisdom from. Crazy thing is we are wise from the womb. But we cannot “seem” wise at three years old because that would be completely subverting diversity. Older people often scoff at younger people. They do not understand their willful ignorance and hedonistic nature. Adults know that one day these young people will need to “grow up” and do things that they do not want to do. But the catch is you have to do things you want to do in order to appreciate the sacrifices you make later in life when you are not doing the things you want to do. It is no wonder that those with minimal responsibility later in life never “grow up.”

If relativity allowed us to all be seemingly brilliant babies we would not evolve. Brilliance subverts relativity. Ignorance truly is bliss. Ignorance keeps you from noticing all of these damn hints around you. To the ignorant a boiling pot of water is just a boiling pot of water and not an example of infinite relative density.

But here’s the thing—we need ignorance to exist. If we all started thinking like Einstein there would be no relative diversity and in time we would evolve into something else that was relatively diverse. There will always need to be relatively more ignorance than brilliance. Brilliance designs the computer you are using, ignorance builds it. Brilliance creates the menu, ignorance prepares it. Now I know these are loaded words and many may take offense, but their is nothing universally wrong with ignorance. But I do wonder what would happen if we tipped the balance in brilliance’s favor. What would happen then? Oh yeah, I forgot, we’ve done this before. And remember the Pyramids surface was once polished limestone. What do you think the sun’s light did once it came in contact with that? Yeah, they knew what the hell they were doing. Probably had something like a 75:25 brilliance to ignorance ratio going.

Photo courtesy of this person.


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