Christmas As A Hint

christmas tree

Uh oh, I’m bound to offend some with this one, but please note, that is not my intention. Just asking questions. If you believe God endowed you with an inquisitive mind for a reason then you shouldn’t be so uptight when people broach these kind of subjects. Besides, faith, by it’s very nature is doubtful. Only come in if you have the stomach for it.

Why do Northern Hemisphere Christians celebrate the Southern Hemisphere’s solstice as the birth of their “savior?” Maybe because that’s where they came from. We celebrate the birth of Christ and ourselves on the same day! During the solstices the sun seems to hover right above the equator, but due to our tilt it actually either seems to look up (southern solstice) or down (northern solstice) at us. Also solstices mean long periods of night or day at the poles. If a pole is under a shroud of darkness it still receives a hint to the eventual return of the sun. Much in the same way we involuntarily receive hints to our eventual awakening each evening.

The Northern Hemisphere’s solstice occurred on June 21st, which began the descent into darkness for the South Pole. On December 21st the North Pole will get it’s turn in the darkness. For those of us in the States our days will get shorter because of this so why do we celebrate the birth of the “sun” in the Northern Hemisphere when it actually seems to be dying. Simple, because we know it will eventually return. This solstice actually represents the “birth” of darkness, not light, but at the same time the north experiences darkness the south is receiving its brightest light. But this light will eventually return to the south in June (as Rick James: “Infinity!”). We notice its resurrection in spring (Easter anyone?) because of all of those pretty colors.

Okay, so spring is the resurrection. Flowers bloom and all that jazz. The weather begins to get warmer as we “ascend” to summer then to “die” on the so-called birthday. What? Oh wait. Remember when the sun dies for the north it is “born” in the south. This overlapping hints at the infinite nature of the universe and it’s the same hint as the weird “little” number 3.14159.


Our planet actually possesses two Heavens where our sun ascends to following its resurrection. These are the north and south poles. But we only possess one Hell and that is the equator where it is eternally warm, at the poles it is eternally cool. Also the poles are virtually uninhabitable, but the equator is not. Remember the story about being born into sin? We had to though. There was no way we could have evolved at the poles. We were “born” at the equator and some of us moved northward to Heaven. Others “sacrificed” themselves and stayed behind in the fire. But right below the fire was another Heaven, a denser Heaven than its northern counterpart the northward bound folks were headed to. Of course they never reached this destination. They stopped and settled once the cold became too unbearable. It is not mystery why “neutral” nations tend to be those closer to the North Pole. They are literally cooler than their southern fluctuating counterparts. Oh, and the poles are the only place where all the lines of longitude and latitude cross. Also the sun seems to circle above the horizon in a clockwise fashion about the North Pole and a counter-clockwise fashion above the South Pole. They seem to be perfect encapsulated domes with little relative diversity. Almost pure.

Something about Kenya or maybe even Tanzania just seems right, but I don’t know exactly why yet. I know we’ve found remains of primitive humans in Kenya, but there’s something else I can’t quite put my finger on. I’ll be back when I get this all sorted.

Our religious texts make Hell to be a bad place. But it’s where we came from. The complacent folks who moved north seemed to have forgotten this. It’s kind of like cats who leave the ‘hood for greener pastures and thumb their noses at their humble upbringings. They will do whatever it takes not to return there. Why do you think the Brits turned Australia into penal colony. They sent all of their unsavory types back down to Hell. THe French sent their ne’er do wells to the aptly named Devil’s Island. Also, why was rock music once considered the “Devil’s Music?” Where did the people who basically invented it come from? Ya see where I’m going with this? Hell is a fearful construct, all that fire and brimstone jazz and the cat with the tail and horns. That all makes for a good story but in reality “Hell” is a magnificently beautiful place and northerners can’t get enough of the place. It’s kind like visiting the old neighborhood if you will.

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