Da Brain


The brain is a complicated organ with all of its synaptic connections, billions of neurons, and all of that other “what not.” But to understand it all you need to know is how this works. Submerge a sponge in water and place it on a plate. The amount of water it holds is dependent upon its absorbency. A good sponge can hold water for hours. A cheap one relinquishes it in minutes. Our brains are damn good sponges, but stuff still gets out. It has to. Without it we wouldn’t have this. Also, it’s the reason we forget things. Memories literally leave our minds. The brain is one helluva thing. It can feel, taste, touch, hear and see. Here, let’s run a couple of experiments. Come inside for directions.

Find a blank wall. Stare at it. Now think back to some distant childhood memory. Try to remember as many details about it as you can. Don’t close your eyes though. Project the imagery against the wall. Okay, go for it, come back when you’re done.
Amazing how you’re able to do that, huh? You are physically looking at a wall but you still can “see” the memory. This is literally your brain projecting through your dense skull an image from your past. The reason it isn’t clear is due to just how dense the brain and skull are. It’s like sopping up soup with a dinner roll and then ringing it out. Sure, some of the soup will drip back into the bowl, but when you take a bite of that roll you’re going to still taste some cream of mushroom.

Now when you close your eyes, you provide your brain with a reflective surface to project the images. That’s why it easier to recall things when your eyes are closed. Now really get deep this time. Try to remember the scents, the sounds, the tastes, the feelings. Isn’t it amazing how just your brain can recall these various sensations. This is due to the fact that is the supercomputer that stores all of these sensations. The senses are just mere conduits. The more you taste, smell, hear, or feel something the better the you can recall it. Your brain is literally a time machine, a supercomputer and film reel.

“Then were’s the projector?”

Well your eyes absorb the images and then the brains processes them and projects the images onto your curved atmosphere. When you are awake and there is light the images are brilliant. When you sleep they are a bit more nebulous. This is how you see your dreams. This is also what we call the mind’s eye. The reality is that it’s actually seen, it’s just below the surface. Now of course since your eyes also radiate, your vision can sometimes be seen by others if you look them in the eye and explain it really well.

Using just your brain shout at the top of your cortex. Really let it out. You may need to contort your face to really get it out. Isn’t it crazy how you can actually “hear” what you are shouting? You can also touch, smell and taste. Just concentrate really hard. There you go. Smelling that fast-food restaurant now. Probably even hearing that repetitive beeping. Somebody get those damn fries!


3 Responses to “Da Brain”

  1. 1 JP July 19, 2009 at 1:18 am

    Childish. Move on.

    • 2 Spaceman's Hairdo July 19, 2009 at 1:57 am

      I would love for you to elaborate JP. I cannot quite tell what you’re asking me to do. Are you saying that the post itself is childish and I need to move on from such a simplistic worldview or am I missing the boat completely? Regardless, I think it is safe to assume that this response was not intended as praise. But I am going to take is as such.

      A child’s mind is remarkably inquisitive. They ask some of the most mind-blowing questions. Sometimes the questions are so eye-opening that they floor us and we don’t have a ready-made answer to call upon as we think we should. After all, they’re just children. Right?

      We (adults) are equipped to answer the how questions, but the problem is children overwhelmingly tend to want to know why. Notice how even if you think you’ve successfully answered one why question they are ready with another. A child asks you why snakes eat mice and you answer because snakes need to eat live. That still doesn’t answer his question. You answered why a snake needs to eat, not why he eats mice. See where WHY gets you? It never stops.

      At any rate, thanks for the comment. I have been acting a little “childish” these days and frankly I’m loving it. Take care friend.

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