The Holy Trinity


Given everything I’ve explained, I still cannot track down the ultimate why? Even if everything is relatively diverse and dense and radiant because it has to be in order to exist, why does it exist in the first place? The big bad infinitely relatively dense and radiant infinity that subverts time, space and everything is all just a dream. It’s a dream that seems to start with birth. Then as soon as you fall out of the womb you begin to die, and then when you supposedly die you are resurrected.

To try and wrap your head around all of this is futile because it literally keeps on expanding to be relatively bigger than you. The why we all ask is the reason. The nature of the universe is inquiry. That’s why we have Chess clubs and motor sports and reality TV and videogames and skin complexions and languages and facial features and Shamwows and cabbage and just everything. The universe’s creations as well as ours which no matter how high-tech they seem come right from the raw elements of our universe. We know how to create them because their essence literally exists in all of us, just some more relatively dense than others. They are just incredibly diverse curiosities. Look at the shape that drives everything—the triangle, he’s the most curious shape we know of. The triangle exists to prove that perfection can be diced up and the more you dice it the more seemingly dense you make it. Now you can call the why God, Allah or whatever helps you navigate this crazy infinity. Just make sure you ask the question in a loving and peaceful manner because when we do that we radiate brighter—literally.

Maybe the globe is warming because we are beginning to warm up to each other. Look at what is happening in the zeitgeist at the moment. Fearful eastern threats. We don’t respond in kind. A revolution in Iran—a country that sits in such an influential place in the Middle East. It took the US going in there fumbling around out of fear for them to realize what they needed to do. Didn’t want that same ol’ nonsense happening again. And they are definitely not responding with fear. They are responding with love—facing near certain death with protest signs—that’s a love for your people and freedom like none other. Look at those tears in their eyes. Let’s see, what else? Oh, we have a black (really bi-racial) president in the US who is a literal man of the world. If you think about it, we might be on the cusp of doing some really great things as a planet. At the beginning and middle of the last century the world was embroiled in two wars as well as several other skirmishes. All of this was the result of our inherent fear of the nonexistent death. If we can subvert that fear just a bit maybe we can do some incredible things this millennium. It won’t come from the barrel of a gun though. That is for damn sure. Come on in for more.

Okay, now to the big question, why can’t these three groups get along? Well, let’s take a look at their prophets—Jesus, Moses and Abraham. I won’t get into ta debate over their actual existence because here’s the thing—when either an actual person or a concept of a person touches so many lives they become so dense that to argue their existence is futile. If Jesus exists is the minds of millions then he must actually exist. But here’s the rub. The way he looks and behaves to these millions is infinitely diverse. There is no absolute consensus. The only thing they all share is that he existed. The books that detail the lives of these holy men are disjointed due the fact that so many different authors attempted to answer the question of where did he go? He was here one minute, performed a bunch of miracles, was crucified and now we all wait for his eventual return. It’s kind of like your boss disappearing and his assistant steps in to take over. Question is, what will this assistant do with his new found power. Will he abuse it or follow protocol? Prophets are just asking why which is the grand universal question. We can get the how taken care of, there’s a bunch of smart cats in lab coats for that). What we really want to know is why. Why Muhammad? Why Moses? Why Jesus? Why are we hear? What is our purpose? We turn to the books for answers and we only get more questions. You know why? Because the why is the very thing. What is detailed in these texts are grand hints to our existence in this universe if we just read them the way they were intended to be read which is not always literally. To think these cats were too stupid to understand metaphors and allusions is to do them a huge disservice. As dialed in as they may have been they would still be incapable of conversing with the universe that lucidly. Now your more overtly violent texts seem to have an agenda. Could be a little ego-trippin’ going on. Notice how these verses are more literal than the others. Almost like the author was disgusted with what he saw around him and wanted to write a polemic against it in hopes that if the masses read it and were convince of its divine providence then perhaps they would change their ways. Also, these texts seem to be the most contradictory. But the ones that refer to loving and respecting your fellow man are pretty clear-cut. But of course, it seems fearful men love the bloody stuff. Just check the AP wires each day to see that.

Evolution is just the universe conducting elaborate science experiments. Look at the turkey. They’re pretty bright when you get down to it. They evolved triptophan, a substance that makes you feel tired in hopes that you stop eating him during your holiday dinners. The turkeys figure you eat lean red meat to give you energy and zeal due to its lean density so they tried to switch it up. Didn’t work. Only turned them into an animal that can virtually replicate many other meats and is much leaner. Back to the drawing board. The universe seems to be nothing but a grand experiment. So many animals seemingly plagued by evolution and others that relatively have no worries at all. The poor little mouse is afraid of everything. The lion could care less. He’s the king of this damn jungle.


Remember, love always prevails. We either do what we do out of love for God or each other. Just remember, we like this illusion because so much energy and work goes into sustaining it. It’s our most wondrous time because we don’t stop asking why. The wonder drives us. The pyramids and Easter Island exist so we wonder how and why. Science and religion coming together. Those grand pyramids exist because those cats already knew this so did Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

I must say, this post humbles me the most. When all of this started flooding into my head after I “seemingly” hit my bottom (I was just a whiner) I got a little cocky. Hey, look at me trying to figure out the mysteries of the world! Turns out all I’ve figured out is that I really figured nothing out. The story of infinity again—right back at one. And all of this came from disparate sources. From flying in planes and wondering how when I get into a new town I adjust to their different day and night cycles relatively easily. Or the idea of being in two places at once. Being in a completely foreign city with guys from your home city and being lost in said city referring back to how certain roads remind us of certain roads back home and while being with those guys you literally feel at home. So much so that you mix up your nouns when talking to each other about where you currently are. And the closer you are in proximity to each other and walls the more you mix things up. Or how last Tuesday felt just like this Tuesday and a Tuesday 25 years ago when you “lived” in that Tuesday. It’s like you’re stuck in a time warp of Tuesdays which is a pretty horrible day to be stuck in. Just nothing exciting about a Tuesday. How we connect over the phone. We invented a device to cut through the most dense matter there is—space—that allows us to hear each other’s voices while not seeing each other with our eyes but simultaneously “dreaming” of the position and place the other person is in and if you are fond of the person the image your mind’s eye conjures up is one right out of a movie or painting when the reality is just like yours.

We use this radiance that drives us to connect and create our own “bangs.” Sometimes we seem to connect more over the phone because we are sending a pure radiant loop of love. We absorb a bit through the ear and then the brain processes it and formulates a response and sends it down to the mouth where it radiates back out. The apex of this trinity is the brain where the two bang together. If you are really connected with the person you are talking to the conversation will groove like music, all sorts of banging going on. And if you have a pen in your hand and paper available you will draw countless little circles or swirls. Oh, and you will go out of your way to make those circles really dense—especially when you’re laughing. Laughter is the best medicine that is why some of our most radiant relativity busters are comedians. They spot the absurd hints no one else is looking at. Dave Chappelle’s bit about the blind black man who didn’t know he was black and hated black people was ingeniously subversive. That’s why that guy’s head exploded at the end. It was funny, but no one really got it and I think that’s what lead to him leaving the show and finding his flow doing marathon comedy shows where he can just tear down all of the dressing and connect directly with every last person in the audience. Bang! Just like that and you have no concept of the fact that you’ve just spent four hours watching one man talk.

The universe loves to remind us constantly of the radiant orb because it represents fertility and life or the grand illusion of the grand expansion. The triangles pop up to show you what drives it and makes it possible, but they are not always seemingly perfectly formed as the spheres are. The spherical radiant core design is just so beautiful and perfect.

When you spend a sunset on the beach sipping from a cup of the sweetest fruit punch you’ve ever tasted you must be compelled to ask, “What did I do to deserve such beauty?” The answer is staring right at you as it cools to a hue you can clearly see without straining your eyes, matter of fact your eyes are wide open. A perfect segue to the gradual darkness containing the infinite white ghosts of our pasts and future. It’s always right in front of our faces, but it has to be to drive us to work hard to love. We have to look for so many dang hints. We wonder how all of this is possible and the scientists scramble to tell you because they have spent most of their lives studying the relative diversity so they know it very well. They come back to you with a relative diverse but very accurate reason. You then “wonder” why and a whole new group shows up, but they’re not all in the same garb as the other guys and their customs and traditions seem to evolve and continue evolving right alongside each other with a lot of big violent bangs, but they have to, because they are trying to interpret why the whole thing has to churn in the first place. Why can’t it just stay put? Because in order to sustain everything it needs a perpetual energy machine to churn for an infinity, but it still wants you to see what you’re supposed to do which is love. It has to churn to pull you together. If we all stood still we would not add to this relative diversity. And even after I said all of that you can without chagrin ask, “Why do we love?” And of course you see where that question takes you. Yeah. I’m gettin’ tired of it myself. But try this out, just do it. Notice how good it feels. No need to explain that.


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