Air, Space, DNA, and a little Eastern Philosophy


Okay, it’s time to explore some of the teachings of the hip Eastern cats. Take off your shoes and come inside for a little relative enlightenment.

I’ve already discussed how nothingness must be accounted for. You know why? Because nothing is something. The space between you and the computer monitor you are staring at IS something. It is the most extraordinary “something” there is. It is what you and every damn thing is made of. Matter of fact, after you completely vaporize you literally become part of it and help to shape and form everything around us. The cycle goes from nothing to something to nothing again. The trippy bit is that we are made up of dense nothingness. Okay, okay enough of my blathering, let’s play the 1,000 words angle.
lego elephant
This elephant is composed of I’m going to assume thousands of Lego blocks. All densely packed together they form the shape of an elephant. We all know that the sculpture is only a facsimile, but when we see it the first thing we think is elephant not Lego blocks densely packed together to create a representation of an elephant. It’s the same way we view ourselves and our surroundings. We rarely stop and ask what in the hell is matter made of? Now check out the picture below.
lego rubble
Let’s say there was a massive earthquake and the Lego elephant was reduced to the Lego rubble you see above. Our beloved elephant has now passed on. But guess what? If we wanted to we could rebuild the elephant, but that would take a lot of effort since the pieces would probably be scattered over several miles. What if we just took what we could find and built something else? That’s what the universe does. That’s why you can’t take nothingness for granted folks. All you are is a dense fusion of an infinite number of universal elements banging together. The densest of these elements of course are human elements. Your race and ethnicity are determined by—screw it, back to the Legos. They seem to be able to explain it better than I can. If we collect all of the pieces from our destroyed elephant we would only be able to create an object containing similar colors. We would not be able to build a giraffe. Maybe a rhino or hippo. This is due the relative dominance of gray pieces. It’s the same way you’re made up. If you possess darker skin it’s because your lineage is composed of relatively more darker skinned people than that of a lighter-skinned person. And where does this relative density come from? DNA baby. The nucleic acid that contains an infinite number of traits from an infinite number of sources. It’s the universal recipe and it is in every inch of our bodies. Isn’t that just effin’ amazing? You leave a strand of hair at a crime scene, they test it, they swab your mouth and BOOM, they got you. That’s some relativity for that ass right there. Everything you are reduced down to a strand of hair.

After we bow out of the illusion we vaporize and our DNA or blueprints are sent out into the universe. Everything that we are explores the vastness. We breathe it in, it is absorbed by trees, park benches, Big Macs, just everything. DNA is the literal spirit that every living thing possesses and it’s all around us. Why do you think meditation focuses on the breathing so much? You are breathing in the essence of everything and if you get good at it you can do some pretty mind-blowing things.


6 Responses to “Air, Space, DNA, and a little Eastern Philosophy”

  1. 1 thetraveller001 July 17, 2009 at 9:03 am

    Very well put. So, we are indeed part of all and all is part of us!

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