We Are Being Watched!!!

I’ve talked about how air/space is the most magnificent force out there and everything is formed by it and everything breaks down to it. Doesn’t that mean that if all of these spirits are floating around we are never really alone? Ooooh, spooky. Tip-toe inside for more.

Air is one helluva thing, look what it does to ancient ruins. Their original splendor reduced too rubble or mere shells of their former selves. It’s really just a relative trick though. The wear and tear is just to fool us into thinking that time is actually passing, but it really isn’t because everything that ever was is and everything that ever will be is as well. Look around you. Don’t see much, just your usual confines. Actually, your room is filled with spirits, they are just not dense enough for you to SEE, but they certainly can see you. Don’t trip, you’ll get your turn to be a fly on the wall one day. Just relax and enjoy the illusion for awhile.


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