Free Will Isn’t Free


Chuck gets a call from Bill. There’s a VIP party tonight at a trendy club and Bill’s on the guest list plus one. Chuck tells Bill he’ll get back to him. Susan calls. A band Chuck likes is playing in the park tonight. Chuck really likes Susan. That could be a lot of fun, but so could a night out a hip spot with Bill. What to do? Can only go with one. Gotta rely on that free will. Weigh his options. Figure out where he would have the most fun. Will he pick the right one? Is there even a “right” decision to be made?

Once Chuck makes his choice and carries it out there is no way he can go back and experience the alternate option at the same time. In reality he made no decision at all. The options presented were a relatively diverse trick. The decision he makes is fated because when he makes it it becomes the only decision he could have made. Decisions are just nuclear reactions. Of course making decisions that bring joy rather than pain cause us to radiate brightly, but we have no say in the matter, actually you do. It’s just kind of complicated.


That point where the tips meet is what we call existence, the seemingly most dense point of our evolution. It’s you and I, your computer, the room you’re in, the planets, everything. The mass to the left represents all of the disparate elements that go into creating it and the mass on the right represents where it all goes. You actually can tile the pic if you want to get a real understanding how everything works. Options are like the cone on the left. All of these relatively different choices in front of you, but the catch is you can only pick one. That one is the point where the cones meet, that point is the illusion. See, once you make that decision you have just reduced a lot to a little. However, that seeming dense “one” only leads to more options. It’s that damn cone on the right.

Pic courtesy of this site.


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