Get the hell off my @#%damn lawn, Inertia!

Gran Torino

Inertia is the resistance of an object to change its state of motion.


No object can resist motion because we are always in motion. It can try, but it’s only deceiving itself. Look around you. Find an inanimate object. If you are in an older room there may be a chair that hasn’t been moved in forty years. Hell, it may sit there for forty more. Maybe sixty. But what about two billion?

Who knows what grandpa’s chair will become in two billion years, but I guarantee it won’t be sitting next to the table with the little ivory-carved elephant statuettes. The chair, even though it seems to be just sitting there evolves. I know, tying your head in knots again. Hey, I’m right there with ya. Let’s just keep this simple for both of our sakes. Take a look at the beauty below.

corvette clean

This is what a 1975 Corvette Stingray looked like in 1975. The owner has either cared for it over the years or through hard work refurbished a beaten-down model. The picture below is what happens to it when you let the universe blast it with so much relative diversity. Imagine seeing the process from the gleaming red car above to the worn-down sad lug below. The process would look a lot like your growth.

corvette junked

The substance that facilitates the break-down of the car is the same substance everything is made up of which is air or nothingness. The constant beat of the ultra-fast jagged air which takes on many forms rips apart the once beautiful car. The onslaught is relentless. The poor car is no match for all of that relativity. But it can’t be for it, just like us has to exist in the same relative “time-frame” so we fall for the trick. The phenomenon that causes the break-down is a constant force. It knows no beginning or end, just as we dance about our sun and the other celestial bodies with no seeming beginning or end, thus is the process of our atmosphere. It’s all part of an elaborate ruse to convince us that time is elapsing and that things end and begin because it has to or else we would not exist and it needs us to “exist” in order to keep things moving along and more importantly to wonder at its marvels. Like I’ve said countless times, without life there “really” is nothing. Just a bunch of rocks and balls of gas.

Corvette pics courtesy of this guy and this guy respectively.


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