The Death Stare


After we take our final breath our eyelids do not come together. They remain at their poles. No more need to help shield our eyes from the many particles that can cause them harm. In death we no longer need the protection or more aptly put necessary deception any longer. The dead’s gaze is fixed—central. If you look into their eyes you cannot find your reflection in the pupil anymore—it is as if they are looking through you because well, they are. They no longer see you as you think you exist.

Also, the essence of the person—their mannerisms, how they laughed, how they expressed anger—just generally anything that distinguished their body from others immediately leaves their body with their last breath.


The animation of dead bodies is nowhere near as diverse as the animation of living ones. The essence that dictates this diverse array of motion vaporizes and spreads immediately with the last gasp of air. The body follows in relative time. It is a three-step process. First, the freeing of the essence or soul if you wanna get all warm and cuddly with it. This happens in a poof. Just like that—everything you are is nothing again. Second up, is the breakdown of the flesh which occurs in a relatively slower time than the final exhalation. Thirdly, it is the much relatively slower breakdown of the bones. They take their sweet time like ghosts haunting us.

The dream or the hint to your eventual eternity happens as the brain as well as your other organs power down. This process is like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. As the brain, organs, and the flesh power down the body decomposes or vaporizes to compensate. It’s using the fast burning energy of all of these rapidly powering down systems to help it radiate. It’s viewing the dream and it cannot wait to evolve into the reality of what this dream promises. Of course the dream will be different for everybody based on their respective life experiences. If you were a bit of an ass and didn’t make amends don’t expect the greatest eternity preview. You are about to get a look at the mess you’ve wrought. You “good” people out there will have a relatively less bumpy journey. You’ll get a glimpse of the suffering too, but just more of a relative contrast of beauty to make those trips worthwhile. This is an easy eternity. Just whipping around becoming a part of this and that. There is no thought in this process. It is you in your purest form which is nothing.

We cannot stand the death stare. It frightens us. We force the poles to meet by bringing the eyelids together. The body of our loved one is familiar to us, but the way it moves and its lifeless gaze are not. What made the person we loved is now gone. Don’t worry though, they’re dreaming about you. They may even come back around to say hello on occasion. You’ll notice them when you get a couple of sudden thoughts or emotions—if the deceased loved one is good about it, these sudden bangs will cause life-changing revelations or just simply put a much needed smile on your face. Sometimes the spirits (don’t frown at the use of the word, it’s pretty much what we become) guide our eyes. Ever notice how sometimes you will have a thought and seconds later for no apparent reason you turn to see something that is consistent with that thought? It’s just a hint. It’s up to you to figure out what to do with it, or is it?

Like the pic? Check out this post for information and more pics.


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