The Ghost Within


We all contain these drab unremarkable frames that support our organs and allow us to move in the many relatively diverse ways we do. They are denser than our flesh and can remarkably grow even though they seem rigid. Also, after death they remain intact much longer than our flesh and organs. Why is this? Why do they seem to remain dense forever?

Because they are hints. We don’t find dinosaurs. We find dinosaur fossils. Dense ghosts of creatures that once occupied the land we now occupy. Their flesh has long since vaporized and is doing its “Universal Influential” thing, but it leaves behind a reminder. A reminder that we study and interpret them based merely on these ghosts. Amazing stuff. We bring all of the vapor back together again. And that right there is what makes us “relatively” amazing. Many creatures are capable of creation, but we are able to recreate extinct worlds and creatures as well as imaginary ones. Our drive to create and innovate is lock-in-step with the the laws of the universe. We feel a sense of superiority because of this. What we are not realizing is that the relative gift isn’t superiority but a great responsibility. Remember, all of this orbiting and dancing around in space is for you. One slip-up and you cease to exist. We sit right where we need to be with a sun of a perfect relative size not because of some fluke, but because it has to be this way. Just like a cell, our universe has to be sustained through a perpetual force. This perpetual force exists in the cells that make up our skeletons, that is why when they break they will use this dark matter to facilitate new bone mass. The exact break cannot be determined by even an x-ray. Only our cells know how to bring the two pieces back together again.

When we “die” our bone’s inner flesh or its marrow vaporizes. The skeleton now becomes a less dense shell of its former self. It becomes brittle. it breaks up, but it fights with all its might to stay in some sort of form. It’s just a hint. That is all. Skeletons are not remarkably different. You can collect skeletons of several different species, throw ’em in a box, shake it up and dump ’em on a table and then, much like an Erector set, you can create whatever you’d like. What is profoundly interesting is the fact that their relative similarities starkly contrast the vast diversity of their vaporized fleshy former coverings. What is this telling us? Simple. We see this and what lies beneath is this. Not too exciting. The fact that so much relative diversity radiates from such an angular framework is mind-blowing.

The fact that this dense, resilient matter can be created from seeming nothingness is pretty damn amazing. The colorless interchangeable nature of bones remind of what makes up everything which is nothing.

The above is a magnification of a bone belonging to a twenty-two year old man. Below is a magnification of a bone belonging to a a woman in her eighties.
Notice how bone, even though it is denser than our flesh begins to disappear. The bone begins to vaporize over time and in its less dense weaker state it has a hard time supporting us. Our flesh begins to weigh it down. Eventually the organs will have to work too hard to compensate for the lack of rigid support and we “die.”

Here’s the real deal on the dying process. We should know by now that air is a helluva thing. It is both nothing and something at the same time. As soon begin to form into a miniature human starer kit we take in oxygen via our mothers. Once we pop out we start to breathe it in on our own. It expands our lungs. This expansion provides energy to the heart which pumps the fuel through the circulatory system. On occasion we shovel in some relative mass (food, drink) to help keep the thing churning along. We retain some of the food’s mass to compensate for the mass that the vapor we breathe vaporizes. Hold on. I know. Too much vaporizing in one sentence with no mention of a ray-gun in sight. My apologies. Let’s simplify. Air is such a powerful substance it can become seemingly anything it wants to become. Each time we breathe it in it breaks us down just a little bit. Our bodies fight the process by growing and the crazy thing is that the growth is facilitated by the so-called destructive force so in essence air’s not really destructive. There goes that bloody infinity again. See, if we did not grow to counter air’s power we would not exist, but even though we do grow we still don’t “really” exist. Why? Because air still wins by just slyly breaking us down relative to our “growth.” The truth of the matter is that we only occupy time for…well, we don’t! We all just “bang” to sustain the perpetual motion. But how much fun would it be to actually witness the wonders of life in such a relatively short time? It would be no fun at all. Matter of fact, there would be no wonder because relative diversity needs to exist for the wonder to exist. Hell, relative diversity needs to exist so we think we exist. Plus, what’s the use of bothering with a perpetual motion machine if it’s got nothing to power. See all of the work that goes into this charade? It makes you value it just a little bit more.

Take your hands and try to dig into your flesh and feel your bones. Notice how your flesh, almost like water, moves about the stationary skeletal frame. Your eyes, your ears, your lips and all of your elaborate inner workings held together by this ghostly nothingness. Notice how its motion appears uninspired without the presence of the flesh. Add that juicy flesh and you get more dynamic motion. Just something to think about.

Read the amazing story behind the embracing skeletons pic here.


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