Around the Water Cooler


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Next time you’re killing time around the water cooler check this out. Notice how as the water pours out bubbles of various sizes rush to the surface and burst to return the air to the bottle. This is because it is the air that powers the water into your cup. What you are witnessing is a self-sustaining machine. When you press the dispenser button the air tries to rush through the water to get out. In doing this it powers the water into your cup. You are relieving the tension between the air and the water. This is the same tension that causes forces like this and this. When you let up on the dispenser, the bubbles return the air that didn’t make it out and this recharges the machine. That’s why the stream is so powerful after the water cooler has been idle for a moment. But it really isn’t idle at all. There is a viscous power-play taking place. The air swirls around the space above the water. It tries to get through the water but it breaks up into smaller and smaller particles the deeper it goes. The only way it is made whole again is when it joins forces with the water.

Ahhh, so refreshing.

The exploding bubbles are literally showing you how we must always account for nothingness. As you can clearly see, they are going out of their way to return to where they came from.


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