Deeper on Dreams


I got into dreams a little bit here. But after writing this post I started to look at it a little deeper. Read both posts before reading this one or you may get lost. Here we go.

As I detailed in the latter post our eyes do not view imagery but absorb it the same way we breathe. We absorb this at a relative frame rate. Since we are made up of an infinite number of particles all smashing together our dreams become confused mashups of all of this information. Because of this your dreams expose the past and the future. The reason a lot of the cool past/future stuff doesn’t get through is due to your density getting involved and dominating the party. That’s why we sometimes have mundane dreams starring people we immediately know or have seen. When we really open up and subvert our reality we are able to explore. That’s where those crazy ones you are always inclined to tell friends about come from. But please spare your friends the details, they don’t want to hear about them. Just enjoy your personal trip through the infinitely relative diverse density that is everything. And I’m out!


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