Steering Evolution Via Intelligence


I once said to someone who claimed my ideas were lock-in-step with the intelligent design theory that actually I think the design is the intelligence. A far (relatively) advanced intelligence than our own. But due to relativity we think it’s all just a bunch of rocks, gas and twinkling stars dancing around just for the hell of it. I’ll explain the anteater pic when you come inside.

That funny nose of the anteater evolved relatively faster than the ants could develop a defense for it. But if Mr. Anteater becomes a serious problem they will evolve to counter him and guess what Mr. Anteater will do? You guessed it. He will evolve to counter their evolution.

The trick is we only think certain species have a leg-up on others because we think evolution has stopped. This is due to relativity. Neither you or I or our children ore their children or their children or even their children will see the evolved ant. But he will be evolving right before their eyes. What if we all get together, noticed our problems and started to make a concerted effort to evolve out of them. Guess what? That’s what we’re doing. As we become more connected (high speed communications and travel) and more understanding of each others customs and culture we will begin to merge together. Isolationists will undoubtedly fight this, but it is an inevitability. This is that “promised” land we talk so much about. We can get there fast or we can get there slow, but we will get there I am certain of it. Wow, without even trying to I just ripped off a line from MLK’s prophetic last speech.


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