The Gift of Children


Still don’t think life is but a dream. Well, check this out. Your little tot is not just the product of you and another person. He or she only appears that way because of density. You are a dense mass, so is the other parent. You bang together and out pops another dense mass from seeming nothingness. But the reality is that your little one is the result of an infinite origin. But we don’t have to go down the infinity road again. We can go for a short walk to your parents and your parents’ parents and their parents and their parents and their parents and…okay, you get it. Now come on in for more.


As we develop in the womb the infinite particles that compose us begin to gain their density. When we pop out we scream because it hurts. Think about it, nine months of relative ease just chilling in a warm sack where we had to do absolutely nothing and then all of a sudden—air! Wholeness! Density! We don’t stop screaming until we find that warmth of our mother again. After a few months our relatives will notice their features in our faces. Look, he’s got his father’s chin, grandpa’s nose, aunt Sally’s ears and cousin Chester’s widow’s peak. As we grow and develop personalities we say the same thing, but it starts to get less dense. We don’t look to our grandparents and uncles and aunts for similarities. It becomes the parents. He’s got his father’s stubbornness and his mother’s artistic ability. Then as we become adults we take credit for all of our problems and talents. Then we get much older and we subsequently die. We are judged based on what we did our adult life. This is our legacy. But here’s where it gets tricky. The old man and the baby are the same. The old man, once compared to his relatives and parents and incubated by them life would be more fulfilling if he had friends and relatives or a mate to keep him engaged. Good people have no problem achieving this. Bad folks on the other hand typically die alone.

As you get older a funny thing happens, you want to be around or hear from people that you “relate” to. Of course this is a dynamic you wish to experience your entire life, but it takes on a special significance as you get older. Go call your grandma, watch what happens. This need is much like a young child’s need to be around his “mommy” and his “daddy.” But a child is not judged for he is relatively new to the world. Mommy and daddy for some reason just love him. He is pure, he is innocent. But how do we know? If you start to look back at the elements that make him up you may find a lot of real jerks and miscreants. Jerks and miscreants that may invade his personality as he matures even if his parents are great parents. As his inner miscreant develops how we view him will be based upon this. However, we will look at the parents as the responsible party until he is considered an adult (the age a child is considered an adult varies by culture). Do you see where this is going? Yep, it’s that whole Lion King biz.


Michael Jackson captivates us because of his music and showmanship, but where did all of that ability come from? Michael was a big hint by the way. He went from dark to light, kinky short hair to long flowing hair, full features to slim ones, was considered to possess an adult maturity at a young age and progressed to a more child-like nature as he grew older. Also, his music and dance style were globally influenced. Okay, sorry, getting back. His ability to sing and dance is of an infinite origin. The abilities were so relatively dense with him that his talent was a rare thing. Of course a lot of hard work was involved, but he “had it” from birth and existed in the universe for infinity before that, it was just waiting to be made dense with him. The fascinating thing is the sacrifice of all of those people that came before him. None of them rose to international super stardom, but they all were necessary for him to exist.

Talent is nothing but a collection of dense particles. But the crazy thing is that extraordinary talent is not passed onto the talented person’s children. Michael Jordan’s kids are nowhere near as talented of basketball players as their father. Why? Michael Jordan is one of their dense parents. They should at least be half as good as him. That’s not how DNA works. DNA, as it is composed of infinite elements, subverts relativity. People like Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Pablo Picasso, Beethoven, Martin Luther King Jr. and many more seem to come from nowhere and that is essentially why they marvel us. They are just like us, but they possess uncanny relatively rare abilities. They are extraordinary and we always respond to the extraordinary. These people are special relative gifts, but really we all are because so much work goes into making sure we exist. Notice how satisfying it is when you sacrifice buying yourself many inexpensive, sometimes necessary things in order to buy someone else one extraordinary thing.


Children create entire universes with absolutely nothing. Get a group of children and after a little negotiating amongst each other they begin to play in make believe, but to them, very real worlds. Props help, but if they are not available they will easily make do. Children find joy in such simple things. From ladybugs to climbing trees. Their joy comes from the most pure of places. This is why we find them so mesmerizing. Why do we lose this as we age? We actually don’t, pay attention to what moves you about art, films, books and music. It’s the child-like curiosity reemerging, but it never really goes anywhere. Visit a theme park or even Las Vegas. Kids didn’t design or build those “make believe” worlds.


Tell a child to wait a minute. Most cannot do it. It is excruciating for them, especially really young ones. A minute for them is an eternity. Now tell them to wait five minutes. At that point you might as well lock them up as far as they’re concerned. If they are doing something you don’t want them to do and you tell them to stop, guess what they do two seconds later? The same exact thing. Their attention spans are so short that they believe that what you disapproved of two seconds ago only applied to two seconds ago. They are little relativity crushers. They move so damn fast. Load them up with a super radiant, super dense substance like sugar and watch out. The energy they exude is freakish. Bouncing off of walls, screaming and they literally do not stop until they’ve burned all of that fuel.

toddler density

This is a drawing by my little tot when she was two. The theory of infinite relative density didn’t “pop” into my head until months later. She beat me to the punch. Kids tend to do that though. Notice how they ask questions. A child will ask you what color a stop sign is and you will say red. He may then wonder what is red. You tell him it’s a color. He will then ask what is a color? Now try to answer that question as comprehensively as you can and watch you tie yourself in knots. Now remember the goal of this game is to get the child to stop asking questions, but as I have been saying over and over again. You can never ask “enough” questions. The universe is nothing but an expanding infinite one. When we ask it for its meaning it just throws us another question.


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