Mos Def: “The Ecstatic”

mos def cover

Just a little over a month ago this cat dropped an album that put him in that Jimi, Eric, Lennon, Dylan territory. And Boomers, chill out, your guys and girls were awesome, but you have romanticized them beyond belief, why can’t my generation do the same? Cream = Radiohead. Yeah, I said it! Better not get mad Boomer. Somebody’s gonna have to take care of you in a bit. Okay, moving on, the album is all over the map because it’s all over the globe. Slick Rick even sneaks in there with something insightful.

Really listen to the Malcolm X quote that opens the album. Don’t be alarmed by the word “extreme.” Extreme just means drastically different than the method that got us in trouble in the first place. We gotta really start “thinking” now. Now, I don’t want my generation to stress out over this, a great elder is about to drop some knowledge real soon to help us out.

Too busy survivin’ to argue about Darwin. Thanks for that Mos.


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