I know you say life is an illusion, but it feels very real to me!


That’s because of air. Well, not just air, but—

Here we go with this air jive again. Next you’re gonna tell me that air is one the most formidable substances out there because it composes everything and breaks down everything thus giving us the impression that time has elapsed.

Thank you. That is precisely what I was going to say. Well, that and a little more.

Air and his fraternal twin sister water break down any and everything. They are two powerful forces. We see what air can do when it gets going, it can blow large buildings right from their foundations or propel massive tractors hundreds of feet in the sky and relocate them miles away. We saw water’s devastating power not so long ago during the tsunami of 2004.

When air or water break things down they do so in relatively diverse stages. The amusement park didn’t just break down overnight, it took what we call time, but the amusement park nor the air and water perceive time the way we do. I know, I cannot wrap my head around this stuff either. It all just started coming to me over a few months. Check the blog archives just to see that. I just know it to be true for some odd reason. I still follow a schedule and I refer to the past and the future although I know it’s just an elaborate ruse facilitated by my sleep cycles, the sun and the moon, air, water, and the infinite relative diversity of evolution. Let’s say all of a sudden the earth and moon just stopped dead in their tracks. Well, we actually would fall out of orbit, but for the sake of this argument let’s say we didn’t. Let’s say we just stood still in space. Everything would come to a stand still. No more swirling winds, no more waves, nothing. This would have a significant effect on our perception of time.

We live in the right now, but get this, you always exist in the right now. You did prior to birth and you will after death. There is no other time than right now. The past was right now and the future will be right now so in essence there is no past or future, there is only right now.

Okay, I get it, but that doesn’t mean time doesn’t exist.

Okay, time exists to you and I, but not to the PC (or Mac) in front of you. It has no way of perceiving time because we did not endow it with that ability. We are naturally endowed with the ability to perceive relative time because we need to. In order for us to exist we must perceive time and follow a birth/life/death cycle. This cycle is the only sure thing. We know, even though we may not remember, that we were born. All of us are aware of the fact that we are currently living and that one day we will die.

Here, give this a spin around your dome. Think back to your days as a naive youngster. Maybe you witnessed an adult happening that you then could not comprehend, but now that you are older you get it. When you think back to that moment your time-traveling brain does an awesome thing. You do not have an ah-ha moment as an adult, you become the naive youngster all over again, but this time with an adult sensibility. It’s a real case of knowing then what you know now. Just try it, you’ll see. Even some of the details of the memory become clearer now then they did then.

Don’t like that one? How about this. Look at the picture below.


How many colors do you see? Four right? Pink, blue, green and orange. Actually there’s only three colors present there. The blue and the green are the same color and the funny thing is that the actual color does not match the green or blue you initially perceive. In order to see the truth you have to strip away some of the relative diversity. I did the work for you, see below.


This just goes to show that you cannot always trust what you think you see.

Well, first I want people to just purge themselves of all of the things they think they know and realize that the truth about the universe always remains. Even when we thought it was flat it was round. Even when we thought the sun orbited us it didn’t. And even now when we think we have so much stuff figured out we don’t. If we are such an advanced society why do we still have religions? Because science cannot explain the why with enough clarity to satiate our need for wonder. Now, I’m not bashing science, I love the stuff and I do not adhere to any religion or faith so please do not dismiss this blog as some sort of veiled attempt to push intelligent design. Like many people out there I don’t fit into either camp due to the fact that you cannot lean too heavily on science nor can you lean too heavily on religion. You have to stand in the middle because neither one can take all of that weight.

Most people think the space rocks and lights are boring now. They think they’ve got all that celestial stuff figured out. No more wonder up there. That’s why we keep our eyes straight ahead. No need to pay attention to the vastness that encapsulates us.

That’s right! I got shit to do man! Can’t be bothered with the stars!

I know. I don’t just write convoluted blog posts all day, I have a life too, but it doesn’t hurt to look up there every once and awhile and get lost. Just think, this grand expanding universe surrounds us in 360 degrees (planets, moons, stars, nebulae, etc) and it never stays still. It is always moving and evolving. Even when you die you aren’t spared. This is it folks. This is all we have. It’s infinite, but still, this is it. This expanding infinitely diverse universe is our home. Wow.



The more relatively diverse things get the more we get fooled into thinking time is actually passing. Let’s say the earth was nothing but flat desert plains and there were no other planets to compare ourselves to. We wouldn’t have a concept of flat or desert, it would just be what it is. Look at time the same way. If you spend eight hours at work carrying out a diverse array of tasks the time will seem to move faster than if you sat in one place and took phone calls all day. The phone calls will add some diversity, but you will remain in the same place. You may take calls from India, Alabama and Winnipeg, but all you see is that dreary street outside of your Fresno based office. Now let’s take away the dreary road, the office, the desk and the phone. You’re just in a white room. No clocks, no other people, no sounds, no nothing. What happens? Well after a hearty bout of weeping you may begin to accept your fate. Now without food or water you will die so let’s say at odd times food magically appears. You may start to develop a time system around these events. But it almost becomes impossible because the food just appears randomly and it’s the same food every time. Just pancakes and a glass of water. This will be a miserable life. No relative diversity. Just a purgatory with pancakes. You will begin to age, but you will lose your concept of time. You need relative diversity to make things interesting.

One for the road. Yes, the hearts are the same color. Check out more mind-boggling illusions here.


Amusement park pic courtesy of this person.


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