Reefer Sadness

marijuana-leaf copy

Why are we so afraid of this relatively innocuous little plant? Is it because of the mind altering effects? Well, cigarettes and alcohol alter your state of mind, but they are legal. Why? Well, for starters, cigarettes and alcohol do drastically different things to people and because of this diversity we are not as ready to forbid these products. Yes, we know smoking may cause cancer, but sometimes it doesn’t and drinking may make people belligerent or sexually promiscuous, but sometimes it doesn’t. Weed on the other hand seems to make people not want to do a damn thing all of the time. People who smoke typically just sit around and talk, maybe watch a movie or listen to music. The lack of extremes between one smoker and the next scares us. Almost seems like the substance has a hypnotizing effect. It subverts our relative diversity and everything is just cool and easy. In a weird way it unites us. You can probably get a Neo-Nazi and a Black Nationalist together, have them light one up and if the stuff is good see if they still want to be bothered with all that tired racism nonsense. Okay, that might be a little idealistic, but you see what I’m getting at.

Damn hippie.

Hey, I heard that, but what does that mean anyway? Hippie as pejorative. It’s just a lazy way to insult someone without knowing what the insult really means. Okay, sorry about that. Come inside for some more madness.

Notice the way you walk, your gait is distinctly different from everyone else’s. Also note your mannerisms, the way you laugh, hold a glass, read a book. Now how can such a diverse set of unique movements be reduced to what you see below as soon as we exhale our last breath.

Death reduces us by subverting relativity. Our flesh is removed, the very substance that is responsible for our unique mannerisms, and we leave behind a white ghost that looks remarkably similar to all of the other white ghosts.

We fear marijuana because the high it causes reminds us of death. Notice how similar the expressions and motions of high people are. To them the high feels like a waking dream, but to the fearful they look like the waking dead or the Grateful Dead if you wanna put a counter-culture spin on it.

Your mannerisms are natural to you. You do not think about them, they’ve just been a part of you ever since you can remember and are the result of the way your relatively diverse flesh hangs on your bones. We know deep down the skeleton possesses no ability to self-animate like the rest of our parts. I we want to move a finger we move it, if we want to move our head we move it. But it’s just an illusion. An iullsuion creared by our incredibly busy bodies. You got the heart beating, you got all that breathing, blinking, sleeping, dreams, the circulatory system, the reproductive system, the waste system. Our bodies put in so much work every second of everyday. All of this movement working in tandem creates a ridiculous energy source. We can talk, sing, run, walk, jump, knit, etc. All of this animation facilitated by our remarkably diverse organs.

Go outside, grab a few smokers from all walks of life and gather them in your living room. Ask them their opinions of each other. Take notes. Now spark up one for them (remember, this is just an experiment). Let the buzz settle in, now ask the same question again. I’m not saying they are now going to be lavishing praise on one another, but I guarantee a bit more of the truth comes out. Unlike alcohol, which allows the user to explore their latent obnoxious tendencies without a filter, marijuana temporarily mitigates the crippling power of the ego thus allowing more honest, absurd and even sometimes profound thoughts to come through unfiltered. Yeah, a lot of the time folks get high and end up giggling at The Smurfs. But the laughter is honest, far from forced. In that state, with your ego at bay, you just find Papa Smurf to be one funny ass dude.

The fear of the “high” is the fear of the honesty it provides. To a sober person a person who is high looks ridiculous. They seem so languorous and goofy, as if they have no care or responsibility in the world. Here’s goes the non-smoker rant:

Don’t they know that they are supposed to be uptight and fearful? Don’t they know that the fear of losing everything instills in a person a sense of responsibility and drive.

Say what? Wait a minute. You’re saying I need to be uptight and fearful at all times so that I can do well at my job so that I can support my family, get my kids in college. Once the kids are in college do I get to relax then? No more being uptight and fearful right?

Actually, how’s that retirement fund looking?

Retirement fund? Well, if I was working my entire life then I should be good right?

Depends on how much you put into your 401K. Oh, also your IRA, you have any bonds or CDs?

Okay, forget it. I’m just going to wait to die. I’ll call up my kids. Saddle them with that burden. If I raised them right they’ll be uptight and fearful so I’m certain as a result they’ll have the funds to take care of dear old dad. Uh oh! Looks like all of that raising them to be fearful and uptight has caused them to resent me.

Sorry guys, this doesn’t sound like that much fun and actually neither does being languorous and goofy all of the time. But I can probably deal with the fearful uptight bit if you threw in a little of the languorously goofy.

Big shout out to Carl Sagan. I bet you would get a kick out of this.


I’m not a big fan of the human-created ego eraser compounds. They seem to be made up of confused relative densities that our bodies seem to initially enjoy and then become literally dependent on. We are making strides, but we still have some way to go when it comes to this complex drug making business. We actually weren’t doing too bad when we kept it simple. Of course, as there always is between two opposing forces there is a middle ground. A mashup of both schools of thought is where we will find the cancer and AIDS cures, but that’s for another discussion. Let me leave you with this—of all of the different substances the universe has out there that either harm us or bring us pleasure marijuana seems to be the most misunderstood. Why?

Fog pic lifted from this blog.


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