Illusion Film Fest!

Please forgive me, I’ve been on this illusion kick for the last few days. But this is what it is all about folks. You may think you’re a sophisticated person and may even laugh at those who are convinced that magicians possess special mystical powers. But why does it feel like you’re sitting still right now although every damn thing in the universe is moving? Yeah, the universe is gaming you right in front of your face. Don’t believe me? Read the post that precedes this one. But if you don’t have the time I’ll tell you the secret. Note the title of this blog. Yep, that’s it. Relativity. That’s how the universe pulls the wool over our eyes. Now get this, it doesn’t matter that we know the secret. That’s the staggering genius of it. Now come on inside and enjoy some short-form entertainment.

And just because Jan is the man:

Additional illusion posts:
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The Truth About The Square – slick bastard
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Relative Light Speeds. Yeah! I Said It! – light’s deception


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