Adam’s Rib


This is a really subversive bit in the Bible. Adam gives up his rib to create Eve, his partner. But what does he really give up? Remember, I said this bit is subversive, come inside and find out how and why.

According to Genesis Adam starts with XXXY, in order to reproduce he would need to split and much like a cell he possesses everything he needs to do so. But here’s where the universe makes a peculiar suggestion. When Adam splits he splits into XX and XY. In order to produce more life these two need to come together again. But why would they ever have been apart to begin with? From what does God create Adam? Oh yeah, thin air. He’s God after all. So God creates the super being Adam. He is composed of three like elements and one aberration, but that aberration has to exist in order to give birth to infinity. Let’s look at its nature for some clues.

Three seems to dominate one, but when they all come together they split into a perfect imperfect pair that can go on, just like cells, to make many more. One plus one doesn’t always equal two. Look at what’s happening in pop culture. Folks can’t get enough of one and one making eight! We are paying attention to this stuff, but where did it get its start? It never did. The XXXY never existed. It can’t because relativity breaks it down right away. Your mind does the same the second you look at it.

Men are on average physically stronger than women because of the battle the male-making Y chromosome has to go through as it battles the female-making and dominant X chromosome. It’s a lopsided three on one battle. That lone Y has to be pretty savvy. He has to make sure two of them don’t escape while holding onto one. That’s a helluva battle. That’s why sex doesn’t work 100% of the time. That would be perfect, the universe doesn’t do perfect and perfect is actually imperfect. Ay yi yi.

If heterosexual men and women represent the human polar opposites then the LGBT community represent the shades of gray in-between. You can’t have one without the other.

This is for the pragmatists. XXXY is really XXX.Y or this.


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