Our Natural Forgiveness


Notice how time has a way of forgiving the past for its sins. Our earth is covered with scars from its violent past. We say time heals all wounds because time literally heals all wounds. Notice how many serious moments in our history quickly becoming fodder for jokes. Notice how incredibly fast we do it now. Could you imagine a movie like Team America being released just three years after the attack on Pearl Harbor while we were engaged in a war with multiple nations? Well we did it in 2004 and it was hilarious. We have to laugh at the horror via curious mediums in order for us to realize the power of joy and love. I’ve watched this movie with friends and you should have seen how we just lost it during certain scenes. The joy even lingered afterward and many of us went on to tell others about it. There is a sacrifice (choosing to laugh instead of cry, much harder to do) and then a spread of radiant love.

Notice how fast we (red & blue) got sick of the fighting that 9/11 caused. Our fear boiled and then subsided relatively quickly. This didn’t happen after Pearl Harbor. We came out of that one with a new cold enemy (socialism). WWII helped us get through a hard time (The Great Depression). Now while being in the midst of a recession we got tired of fighting and actually by helping each other out we may come out of it. And look what’s scaring us again. Socialism. We needn’t be afraid this time. We need to stay in the planes like some of our fellow citizens did. This is a sacrifice we need to make. And it doesn’t have to be hard. This is relativity folks. Relativity doesn’t care how big or how small matters are because it knows there are really no limits.


Characters like the Joker scare us because he seems to enjoy killing. He is painted like a clown and cackles whenever he maims someone. He chooses to life at the viscous act directly, we need it to be abstracted first. The Joker actually gets it right and wrong. He is right o laugh at the violence initially, but he is wrong because he creates the destruction. When we go to funerals we should celebrate the life of the deceased because they really haven’t gone anywhere. The Joker doesn’t love the illusion that’s why he doesn’t hesitate to kill or laugh at the results of his killing. Why doesn’t he love the illusion? Why does he destroy it and laugh at it? Because the illusion hurt him when he was most vulnerable.

How apropos that Heath Ledger played this character to near stunning perfection and then later passes away. We didn’t get angry at his sacrifice, we celebrated his life through an awesome performance. He showed the pain in the laughter. That cracked clown makeup was an apt symbol for this as well. Then there was that scene where he washes himself with a gust of air. This is a reminder how he uses the illusion against itself. This is massive space time fold. We break when this happens. I find it very interesting that Heath’s last film will be The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Just click the link and see if you don’t get a chuckle. I really dig how the Depp addition links it to Tim Burton who directed our last iteration of one of our favorite nihilists. Even more trippy is how Terry Gilliam directs this one. He was responsible for hipping us to how groovy and funny the concept could be back on this show:

Nihilism isn’t all bad, comedy’s got a good way of managing this universal force. Stop by the Cartoon Network late at night to see the evolution of Monty Python’s absurdity which evolved in part from this absurdity:

Blacks, by mocking whites in a loving manner showed them just how silly they looked being all fearful and uptight. They were reminding them where they came from by adding a little universal-like wobble to their (loving) mockery. See, nihilism can also be used to get the masses to wake up in fun ways as opposed to not so fun ways. One thing to remember about nihilism is that it’s always absurd no matter what the context.

If we think of superlatives in our immediate lives we think of the sun. Nothing we immediately know can trump that big guy. We pale in comparison. That’s why when we look into it and look away it leaves a scar on our eye. But look how fast it heals. You turn the other cheek when you look away and even though it fades fast it has seemingly lingering stages. When you do not look away your eyes water to protect themselves. You begin to weep. This kind of fight hurts a lot. That’s why we look away and love the illusion it creates. It’s our big guy in the sky. Nothing burns brighter or bigger. Why is it easier for us to look away from it and be spared than it is for us to look into it? I thought the sacrifice was supposed to be hard. The sun makes sure we pay attention to each other and not busy ourselves with what’s really going on. But even if we ever find out what’s really going on the rug stays perfectly in place. By becoming aware and accepting the illusion we just become part of it in a huge way. We lock in and beam.


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