The Spirit


I’m always going on about how the diverse illusion that is our flesh hides the truth that is our bones. Our bones and dead bodies move in uncannily similar ways. The bones of a three-hundred pound man and a petite woman don’t look dissimilar, only their size does. Same number of everything else, including ribs. If you dangle them from a string they even move in similar ways. Dead bodies do the same. But living bodies move in absurdly diversely different ways. What is this nothing that leaves the flesh after we die that makes this possible. It’s the spirit. As soon as we die it’s outta dodge. Now imagine what all of these diverse spirits do when they roam the earth and the universe. They are literally everywhere. In space they get crazy dense trying to hold all of this mess together. Inside our atmosphere they dance around more freely. They have to in order to create our dreams and inspire us. They are carbon dioxide which is just the manifestation of every living thing’s DNA. Yep, the DNA you find on every inch of us is the spirit. The trees break most of this stuff down because if we received that much radiance it would destroy us. Jump out of a plane at 30,000 feet and see what happens. We gotta save the trees, when we cut them down we cut ourselves down. The more trees the better actually because it distills the spirits so we don’t get as confused. We were very confused over the years and now we’re starting to wake up a bit. If we plant more trees or have board meetings in forests (sounds crazy, but try it) we would start to REALLY wake up when we get that breath of fresh air. People who live in trees often feel a profound sense of peace. Let’s go ghost hunting.

Air and space are made up of an infinity of diverse spirits. Remember, they range from toasters to killer whales. The toaster was forged from the living earth therefore it contains life, we seem to create it at an instant, but it took evolution a long time to bring the diverse elements to our attention to create it. So if it takes that long to get the pieces then how long do you think it’s gonna take to break down. You can try to break it down faster yourself, but even if you vaporize it it continues on forever. The spirit represents the nothing you always have to account for. We do it in our writing. Watch:

I like pudding, toast, yogurt and cereal.

The comma suggests the points where the reader should pause so that the rest of the sentence flows smoothly. But it takes up more space than this:

I like pudding toast yogurt and cereal.

But we need that suggestion of nothing or when we read this aloud we almost pass out. Imagine saying it over and over again for eternity. Now imagine saying the sentence with the nothings over and over again for eternity. It’s a little easier because you pass over arcs. Just say it aloud, watch what happens. The arc is the fastest way from point A to point B on a sphere. Look at how the internal nature of the square shows us this.

Notice how it arcs at its angles. By doing this it shows you literally nothing. Those triangles it makes show a fraction and in the middle of that fraction is a circle. A big seeming nothing. If you try to expand you get this.

square red
Both red bars are the same size.

But if you expand larger than that in all directions you create a radiance. A radiance that rests on a tile of squares that are broken up by triangles. These is an engineering feat. Now I know I placed the bars on the square and created the animation so you may say, “Hey, if I had Photoshop I could do something crazy too. Make the line cha cha or do the waltz.” And yeah, you would be right, you can do anything you want in there. It shows you this when you fold it at that odd angle. Grab a piece of square paper and give it a try. No matter how you hold the paper as you fold the triangles will spiral inward in an odd relatively diverse pattern. The thinner the paper the more triangles you can make. If you had an air thin piece of paper imagine how many you could make. That curiously diagonal line shows us where the square literally expands. Just like the pi.

It’s amazing. Here’s how it creates you Evolution is full of these seeming creations. In the Story of Genesis this is the first six days, then there’s the “rest” period. What’s left over, why does God leave a day to rest? What could he have done on that seventh day? The wonder or the spirit or the great universal curiosity is right there in the story that gets the Creationists and the Evolutionists all in a tizzy. Turns out, they are both right! The six days were a relatively diverse explosion. Now God takes it easy and watches his creation. This happens every six days. Check it out, we get wars and violence when act up on this day. We get this day because he (substitute she if you want, it doesn’t matter, God is both just like us) does all of that work for the first six days and on that seventh we are expected to take in all of the hints (the universal pattern) and manage on our own for a spell. Now this does not happen in literal series of seven because it happens all of the time. The judgement is the devastation. A hurricane is not really a punishment, but a reminder for us to get our stuff together and get together. The free will is the choice we have on each Sun Day. That’s the day after the judgment, but it’s not really a day, it could be a million years if we really wanted it to be. We can start working together and creating arcs between us instead of straight lines, because when you make the arc you complete the line the fastest. Monarch butterflies get this.

If we work together now we can experience positive change in our world. This is not some foolish idealism folks, it’s the truth. If we get going now we make our sacrifice for the future generations and it doesn’t hurt so bad. And get this, our spirits go back into the universe when we pass on and we live forever as seeming nothing.

Our origin through the infinite mess that are our bloodlines show how the spirit groups to make us whole. It has to go through so many people before it gets to us. It’s like a copying machine, that’s why we all look alike. Every last one of us. Just take off all that flesh and you see what’s really going on. Notice how the spirit always diffuses through two people as it moves along its path to its destiny which is you. Your uniqueness isn’t really yours because it is made up of a ridiculous amount of relative diversity. Check it out, you may thing being good at video games is a modern trait. Far from, it’s just evolution making adjustments.


Isn’t tit amazing how the trees vaporize right before our eyes every autumn. They first transform into radiantly glorious colors like orange and yellow and then they flutter to the ground. We find great joy in sweeping them together and jumping in. The leaves settle on the ground, decay and return to earth where they help to create more life. Remember, every bit of the tree contains its spirit. After all of the leaves fall the tree appears dead. It looks just like a skeleton. It even has marrow that we enjoy dripping over our pancakes and waffles. During the winter notice how cold the air feels. Whwn the spirits mix with the water they smack us in the face and create a blinding, ghostly, relativity destroying radiance.


Now although the tree appears dead, it isn’t spring time rolls around and it is resurrected. The spirits work for an eternity to show us all of these hints. They smash together to form this dense illusion. See the thought process there. It’s literal and metaphysical. Everything is composed of death or nothing. You always have to account for nothing. Eventually you will be apart of the nothing and if you live a life bringing joy to others it’s going to be one crazy ride. I imagine it like the ultimate eternal high. We actually get a preview here on earth and we can turn this preview into a double feature if we really want to. We’re going to have to fight. Not with our fists, that’s not a fight. A fight is what happens at the nucleus. At the nucleus a decision has to be made. When the right one is made the cell diffuses and diffuses and diffuses for an eternity.We just can’t split the atom. When we do that it is very hard to put back together.

Forgiveness is the ultimate fight. It is a way tougher to do that then drop a bomb and it has long lasting effects. Look what the crazy Americans are doing. They enslaved a people just a few years ago and now that have a hybrid of themselves and their once enslaved brothers and sisters as president. Those folks move fast. They must love their peace. Let’s get it together folks. We really can do this. We’re already doing it.

We cannot create anything that the universe hasn’t already conjured up. That’s why the elements that created the PS3 were around when we invented the wheel. In essence anything we can do it’s already done better. The universe laughs at us:

“You think a nuclear bomb is something. Try out this asteroid impact. I got ones that can shatter your little atom.”

Now if you look around at the expanding universe you will notice there are no limits to what we can achieve. The earth will always expand to placate its creatures, that’s why we’re getting so warm, we are starting to expand to accomadate everyone. the question now becomes about resources. Look up at that last bit I just wrote about the power of the universe. Now really think about the diverse constantly fluctuating, but always remaining constant planet we live on. Just think about it.


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