Circle Square Triangle


Circle and square contain infinity even though they seem finite. The triangle of course makes this all possible. But where does he come from? Look inside circle and square and there he is.

And if you wanna know where the two seeming polar opposites, square and circle came from just look at the triangle, the guy that can cut himself up in so many relatively diverse fractals. He is only divisible by himself which makes him a weird “one” with three sides. Circle and square are also divisible by themselves, but the only way they can do that is via the triangle. Also, without the triangle they wouldn’t be able to expand or be transformed into all of the diverse shapes we see around us. This is what we were supposed to infer from the story of Adam and Eve. Square represents Adam, circle Eve and the triangle the forbidden fruit they had to eat in order to get this all rolling. You gotta come inside for the rest of this.

They ate from the “Tree of Knowledge” because they wanted to be like God. Now the bible says they were punished for this. Of course they were because they didn’t get it. Look at us, we’re still like them. Now look at the shapes above and one thing becomes apparent. You are not looking at three shapes, but one infinity. Wow, the Bible, Qu’ran, Torah and the others are like advanced physics textbooks just a little more entertaining to read. Great way to break it all down using language that the people of the day understood, but I hope one day we really get it and understand that the fearful bits were just cool little math problems. We possess intelligence to solve X and Y. God says don’t eat from the tree, we do, but when you think about it he’s waiting for us to. This passage is supposed to get you thinking about what ‘forbidden‘ really means. That’s it folks. No more needs to be said. But I will continue blathering on because I cannot stop. And the cool thing is this stuff comes easy. That’s because I’m not thinking about it (well that’s obvious, just read this nonsense).


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