A Kindred Spirit?

I receive my ideas the same way Daniel gets his numbers. This stuff just pops into my head while riding the bus and watching dancing shadows. He takes it a step further by showing you how evolution really works and how the brain really works. Wow. If you wanna see how I think he does it come inside. If not, just enjoy the magic.

We see eight like this: 8 when it’s really this: IIIIIIII. But that’s rather uniform and boring. Too much of the same that’s why we as humans got creative and tried to encapsulate infinity. If you have IIIIIIII then you must also have IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII and so on for infinity. Daniel sees the patterns we created as shapes. Why? Because it is our nature to wonder about things because the things we quantify tend to be diverse as well as not so diverse. There is a uniformity to three green apples:


But these guys are crazy with their relative diversity:


Funny thing about apples, their surface is relatively the same thickness as our planet’s. Back to the business, the above picture shows how three seemingly similar things can be different. Far from pure. Nothing really is. We use expressions like pure snow and pure water. The water you’re drinking didn’t come from one place. If clouds absorb vapor, travel a distance and exhaust that vapor via the density that is rain then water is composed of diverse but seemingly similar elements. Rain is fascinating because it is dead water (vapor) resurrected to live again. Okay, moving on—

So we made numbers diverse because they can be used to quantify diverse things. So we have this beauty:


All bundled up in nice threesomes in order to tame the infinitely relative mess, but if we can have that beauty then this monster must also be possible:


Now that one seems utterly ridiculous. How many diverse elements can you quantify with that? It almost doesn’t look like a real number. More like a mockery of the general concept. Right now we are just beginning to wrap our heads around billions of things because we see people possess billions of dollars or major projects costing billions of dollars as well as our population of billions. but here’s the crazy bit, that number, without out a doubt can be a measurement between our planet and another object in the universe almost to perfection. It also can be used to measure the space between your face and this monitor to near perfection depending on what unit of measurement you use. And all these units are are varying degrees of spatial breakdown. The space right in front of your eyes is infinitely deep, you just can’t see it. you’re too massive. Bigger then the sun in relative terms. If you place a small object right in front of your eye you cannot see it. It’s fuzzy. Now imagine you’re cloned and shrunk down to the same size or smaller than that object and your larger self was holding you in front of their eye. Your tiny self wouldn’t be able to see your larger self. The massive eye would be a fuzzy mess. Now imagine you were even smaller than that. Like billions of times smaller. When you look back at your eye you wouldn’t see nothing but darkness with a few glimmers of light. You ever notice what intense light does to dust particles. It illuminates them. Take that bit outside with you tonight and look up. You don’t even have to buy what I’m giving away, but it’s still fun to go outside and just wonder at the weird mysterious darkness that looms over your head. You don’t have to say anything. Just get lost and when you get lost something amazing always happens.

Daniel sees this in seemingly mundane numbers. We deal with them everyday but never really give them a good hard look. Just think about how certain numbers make you feel relative to what you’re doing. If you’re dancing in a nightclub having the time of your life and they announce the club is closing in seven minutes you’re bummed, but if you’re the overworked bartender you sigh in relief. Also, just their looks fill us with joy or fear. 3 is a nice social number. When we do things in threes the dynamic of the group seems to expand beyond just the threesome. Three people go out out on the town and inevitably they are going to be mixing it up with other groups. But these threesomes are always most comfortable with other threesomes. A foursome would cause an overlap that would require the remainder to be an incredibly charming person to make it work for they would have to dance about the others without being intrusive. We 2 is more intimate. typically only ones can come between twos. Twos are also intimidating by threes and larger groups. They just don’t fit in well. With other couples the seem to fit better. They get on real well in 8. But when they get mixed up with 10 things get tricky because they split their middle. You have two sets of 5. Two doesn’t really dig that. There’s an extra one in each 5. To make sense of it the opposite reminders attract in the middle. Now the pairs have facilitated perfection withing imperfection. They create five pairs of 2 by coming together through nothing, here just look:


It’s a division that happens due to a nuclear reaction. We can take the five pairs even further out and break them up and you see the triangular nature of numbers. But when you break down the breakdowns you begin to square it and then as you break those down even more you create the expanding sphere. It’s all right there in how we quantify diverse objects.

Spare me man, you made that ten do that. Ten doesn’t divide by itself.

Yeah it does. It expands from 1 to 10 which is just a relative one. But why do we cap the numbers at 10. This odd number that expands to 100 and 1,000 and 10,000 breaking down more and more in the middle because of this same odd pause. Why not this:


Even then you go back to one, but it takes a much longer time and it looks too dense. If nothing exists between the objects we quantified why not acknowledge it? The above series seems to want to devour the numbers as to make them nonexistent, but the numbers who attempt to quantify infinity cannot be stopped due to what they are measuring. Where do you go after 9? You have to go to one no matter what because it doesn’t stop. Even if you reduce it all the way down to this: IIIIIIII. Since all of those objects, no matter how similar are not nested inside one another and even if they were there will always be ‘nothing’ to account for because these objects are not fused together. But since these measurements exist inevitably in all of these varying degrees bangs are constantly happening. We like to talk of the Big Bang as if all of the other ones are not relatively big. When you watch a bubble form and pop in a pot of boiling water you see everything you need to know about everything and that is the ultimate intelligence because it knows just by looking. It also evolves mass based on this ‘knowing by looking’ dynamic.

The universe appears so diverse but the behaviors of its bodies which includes us is strikingly similar. The IIIIIIII is an attempt to reduce the something to nothing, but this cannot be done just as our flesh cannot be broken down into nothing, each fragment contains our DNA and after death we begin our division. Our literal spirit consists of our matter constantly being broken down into deeper and deeper space. The deep space that is literally right in front of our faces, we just can’t see it.


4 Responses to “A Kindred Spirit?”

  1. 1 thetraveller001 August 27, 2009 at 6:30 am

    Totally AWESOME. Really enjoyed the videos. I’ve got Daniel’s book on CD and it was a real treat to see him in the videos. Great job of putting it out there.


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